Treatment Options

Please arrive 5 mins prior to appointment to ensure a full treatment. Should you need to cancel an appointment we require 24 hrs notice.

Nail repairs up to 5 days will be repaired free of charge, anything after that will incur a charge of £2 per nail for hard gel and £1 per nail for gel.

Dry manicure with gel polish

Pedicure with gel polish

Pedicure without polish

Gel Dryer
Young woman getting professional pedicur

£25   1hr 15mins

Nail and cuticle tidy up followed by Gel polish with hand and arm massage to finish price includes soak off on next appointment

£30  1hr 30 mins

Foot soak on arrival, exfoliation, dry and rough skin removal, nail and cuticle tidy , file , Gel polish and followed with a foot and leg massage includes soak off on next appointment

£18 1hr

Foot soak, exfoliate, dry skin removal, nail file and cuticle tidy, foot and leg massage

Treatment Options

Basic Manicure

Hard Gel overlay on natural nail

Infills up to 4 weeks

Image by Jesse Donoghoe

£18  40 mins

Hand soak, cut file and tidy followed with cuticle oil with hand and arm massage to finish.

£30  1hr 30 mins

Clean, buff and shape the nail before applying a hard gel overlay before curing.

£28 1hr 30mins

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Treatment Options

Full set of Hard Gel with extensions and Gel colour

Infills up to 4 weeks with Gel colour

Nail Art

Cosmetic bottles for cream, gel, lotion.
Image by Budka Damdinsuren
	  Colorful manicure with points on a li

£ 35 2hrs

Nail extensions and overlays are a good way to add strength and length to your natural nails.

£28 1hr 30mins

Maintain your nails with Regular Infills prices may vary depending on amount of work and treatment required

£0.50p to £1 per nail

Why not treat yourself to an art design to give your nails a lift

Treatment Options

48 hr patch test required for all tints and lash treatments. 

Please note that I cannot top up or remove any other beauticians work.

Strip Lashes

Classic Lash Extensions

Eyebrow Wax shape and Tint

Long Lashes
Long Lashes
Eyebrow Wax

£10  20mins

Perfect for a night out.

£35 2hrs Infills every 2 wks £20

Classic eyelash extensions applied to individual lashes for a classic look.

£10 20 mins

Initial consultation first to discuss colour and shape then wax shape and tidy.

Treatment Options

Eyelash Lift & Tint

Lip & Chin Wax

Eyebrow Wax shape and Tidy

Image by Angelos Michalopoulos
Sugar hair removal from woman body. Wax
Master wax depilation of eyebrow hair in

£25  1hr

Adds volume, length and lift to your natural eyelashes and then tinted

£6.50 1hr

Lip and Chin wax

£6.50 10 mins

Wax shape and tidy.

Treatment Options

Tailored Express Facial


Eyebrow & Lip Wax

Intuitive Counseling
Woman headshot profile, lying with eyes

£18  45 Mins

£25 1 Hr plus 20 mins for full consultation

£7 15mins

Cleanse, Tone , Exfoliate, Mask, hand and arm massage, hot cloth and blackhead removal , moisturise and eye gel.

After your initial thorough consultation your treatment Reflexology Known as Zone therapy it is an alternative therapy involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands
This is done by using thumb, finger and hand massage techniques, using specific balms tailored to your needs, it is known to hep relieve stress and helps your body work better for you.

Wax, shape & tidy

Treatment Options

Luxury Tailored Facial

Bridal Packages

Intuitive Counseling
Beauty Salon

£32 1hr 20mins

A facial which starts with a full consultation which allows me to choose the right skincare products for your needs.

your skin is then cleansed, toned and followed by a gentle exfoliation where you will start to feel the benefits of this treatment.

A mask is then applied and whilst this is on you will have a hand and arm massage, once the mask is off you will relax with a face, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a hot cloth top open the pores and blackhead removal, we then finish with a SPF moisturise and eye gel


Please enquire about my Bridal package for your special day