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Who I Am and What I Do

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Sarah
I like to say I live life in the fast lane (a very stressful fast lane) but find this is what keeps me on my toes and keeps my brain ticking over!
I have always had an interest in wanting to work for myself and found having my eldest at 24 my main priority was to work to provide for her so instead of pursuing a career I went to work at Woolworths.


Now my time here turned out to be the best decision I made as I grew more confident with customers and came out my shell, unfortunately Woolworths went into administration and I lost my job.

I then worked for the NHS working with junior Drs, Nurses NHS Staff where I allowed their Security and Access to be accessed to work, this was great but didn’t give me the buzz I was after.
I then fell pregnant with my second daughter and I was a stay at home mum and as my daughter has a lot of health problems and numerous hospital appointments weekly my hubby and I decided being with me at home it would benefit her Immensely.
Now that my daughter is at school and I have reached my 40s I thought now is my chance to pursue my dreams, my brain may be rusty but I have a lot of time and energy to throw into following my dreams and being the best I can be at my chosen career.

I have loved every course I have been on so far, from pampering my clients and making them feel great after every treatment I offer, however I still have that feeling that I could do that little bit more and as I have a huge fascination with the human body and how it works I then went on to pursue reflexology and thought holistic therapy was the way forward.

In a years’ time I would love to see my reflexology and training courses with all the hard work has paid off by having a steady flow of clients for all my treatments, a one where they have trust in my work ethics and know that the treatment I give leaves them with an overall feeling of relaxation, increase their energy levels and help the every day struggles of lack of sleep ,headaches and the dreaded hormonal systems.

All my treatments I put my heart and soul into making my clients feel safe, comfortable and relaxed and most of all enjoying that time you have for yourself to re-energise your self.