Monday, 25 June 2018

I'm not the only one that just wishes you could buy everything you see right??
I thought I would put together a wish list of the summer clothes I'm hoping to pick up in the next weeks, all from Asos. 

I'm looking out for brighter & bolder statement pieces to add to my wardrobe so I am really picking out different items, I would love it if you guy's could help me choose some from my wish list - leave some comments below and let me know your thoughts!! 

Here goes..


Omg I love the colour of this top!! This light loose Cami is ideal to tuck into any style of trouser or skirt, for me personally I would style this tucked into either white linen trousers, or a pair of flared denim jeans. I could wear this casually or dress it up, so many options with this one.


These trousers are simply gorgeous, I love the fact that they appear to pit a little higher on the waist, enabling me to wear either crop tops or blouses/tops that can be tucked in too. These would make a great evening outfit for a summer cocktail night or even taking away on holiday. Again these seem to be a nice loose fit with them being wide legs which I think will flow nicely over the legs. These are definitely top of my list right now.

no.3 - Asos Design denim midi pencil skirt


I used to own a denim skirt like this when I was a teen and actually I used to wear it so much, the point the denim had faded a lot and looked to old to wear after a while. I much prefer to wear a longer skirt over a shorter one, and I love denim too. Again this would look amazing with some brown wedges, and a tucked in blouse. Or even dress it down, tucked in t-shirt and some converse and your off. This is perfect for those summer nights/ and then leading into autumn & winter. 


Red is most definitely a colour to have in your wardrobe this summer, this top is simply stunning. I'm thinking of putting of this with a pair of high waisted jeans, or even that gorgeous denim skirt just above. Another top that would suit a few different occasions. I love that fact this is a button down top but a wrap style along the bottom. The floaty sleeves makes this top feel relaxed and ideal for that summer heat.


Yes, yes & yes! These are plain I know, but these are a perfect nude/grey colour that will go with just about everything. I'm not one for heels all too much, however I love the look of these. With the round toe & block heel these look like I could wear these all day and stay comfortable. Paired with a nice day dress or some high cut ankle jeans these would look gorgeous. 
Wedding, day at the races, interview you name it, these would be perfect to wear for any occasion.

I could go on and show you so many things I want to pick up this summer, if I did the list would be endless. I can't wait to start putting new outfits together and these items are definitely ones I want to pick up. 

Let me know which items you think are a good buy??

Talk soon


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