Sunday, 3 June 2018

I'm not one for going into too much detail into my personal life and to be honest I won't be, but I felt like I should update my blog for the people who do read and like to catch up with my life. 

I haven't been very active on youtube or my blog, to be honest not a great deal on social media either. I am hoping to get my creativity back and fall back into the blogging and youtube game as  I do really love it, but right now I am struggling to find the motivation for it, but it will come back I know I will.

Some people may have guessed already but some may not, basically just recently my fiancé and I have split from our relationship which is so frigging tough right now as its not a decision that I wanted but that's the way life goes unfortunately. We were due to get married at the end of this month which knowing that it would have only been weeks away is difficult to come to terms with and understand how a long term relationship can just end. Like I said these things happen and we've all been there with break up's and that's what I'm trying to remember while going through this.

I'll be honest, this is a really shit time at the moment and there are days where I feel like I'm struggling and wondering if I will feel better, but I'm also thinking things happen for a reason and to try and focus on the positives.

There are obviously other things going on behind the break up and that's why post's have been very sporadic and may still be for a little while as there is a lot going on in life in general, however things will improve and I'm looking forward to things getting better and having a change in life.

If there's some tips I can pass on to others that are also in a similar situation, is to really try your hardest to keep yourself positive and think about how the situation can change you as a person in a good way. Keep your friends & family around you as they will be there no matter what, especially when your having the worst days. Don't focus on the negatives because the more you do the worst you'll feel and everyday you'll wake up unhappy. Just think each new day is a fresh start and something new to look forward too. 

*Everyday you wake unhappy is a wasted day, change that and look forward to the best day.

Any way, that's a little bit of an update just so you know why I'm a little bit inactive but I will be back very soon with more content and plenty of positive vibes!! 

Talk soon


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