Thursday, 8 March 2018

Is the new Benefit Badgal bang mascara really worth all the hype??

As you know there has been so much talk over this brand new mascara which claims you get lashes out of this world.

The claim's -

* 36 hour wear
* Smudge Proof
* Water resistant
* Volumising Formula
* Pro Vitamin B5 known to help fuel thickness & strength the lashes
* Slim flexible brush to reach root to tip, corner to corner, upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360° reach

This mascara is said to give you full blast volumised lashes without weighing them down thanks to the gravity defying formula containing aero-particles.

This mascara has quite a few claims and to be honest it reels you in to want to try it. For me I actually  picked up the small travel size just in case it wasn't something I would get on with. I have such issues with mascara, after a few hours of wearing all mascaras seem to smudge on the lower lashes leaving me with bad panda eyes.

For the travel size 4g - price is £10.50

For the Full size 8.5g - Price is £21.50

So down to the nitty gritty eh.... my thoughts and of course pictures (as that's what everyone wants to really see).

OK so lets see what my lashes look like without any mascara at all....

As you can see, I don't really have much when it comes down to my lashes, they have a little bit of curl to them but not a great deal. My lashes are actually quite fair swell so to me I don't think they are that noticeable. 

* Before applying this mascara I would highly recommend curling your lashes before hand to get the best look possible.

With this mascara if most definitely lengthens the lashes, I noticed a huge difference straight away. The brush helps to coat every single lash so you can see a big change in the volume of your lashes.

This is the look after applying the mascara to both the top lashes and the bottom lashes. You can see there is an obvious difference in length., but don't all mascaras offer that? Pretty much yes!! 

I will be honest this mascara does feel incredibly light, when I mean light.. I mean to the point if feels like I have no eye make up on which is a definite pro! It does a fab job at coating all of the lashes as you can see in the above picture it shows all of my lashes that some of my other mascaras don't. 

I think there are positives and negatives to this mascara, if you carry on with a couple more coats to the lashes, you will create that spider eye look, and create quite a thick root which can then make it bit harder to get a fluttery natural vibe. Some people quite like this and some people don't, I suppose it depends on what sort of look your wanting to create. But if your after more of a natural look like this then just keep it to one full coat!! 

Now they do claim that it is smudge proof, I have to say that this isn't quite true in my eyes. I always struggle with panda eyes after applying mascara to my bottom lashes, and even after applying powder under my eyes this mascara did smudge a bit under the bottom lashes after a few hours of wearing.

As you can imagine I have not tested the 36 hour wear test, I can't imagine many people have. I will say the actual mascara does hold pretty well, apart from the small amount of smudging underneath the mascara really held onto the lashes throughout the day. (Thumbs up)

I do think this is a great mascara, but I find that there are others that are better or even on par with this one. I wouldn't pay £21.50 for the full size I just think there are others at a cheaper price that can give you the same sort of finish. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be against buying the travel size again. 

If you haven't seen already I have done a 1st impressions video using this mascara a few weeks back so if you want to go give that a watch, let me know what your thoughts are :) 

So what are your actual thoughts on this mascara? Do you think all the marketing hype was really worth it?

Talk soon Guys


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