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Time for another wedding catch up, and yes I know it has been a while since I kept you updated with our plans. If I'm honest with doing all the wedding plans and working full time, I have found it difficult to keep up to date with youtube and my blog, but I have currently got a couple of days off right now so I'm making use of this spare time.

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So a few months ago I got in touch with one of our local florist's and went in with some idea's and pictures as to what were thinking of having for our day. I had looked up a few other local florists but if I'm honest this particular company I know my fiancĂ© has used them for valentines flowers for myself so I know the quality is fantastic and the staff are a brilliant help. 

I would most definitely recommend researching different florists around your local area, or at least local to your wedding venue. get some price quotes together and compare the different companies to see which comes out best for yourselves. 

The staff members from our florist's had shown me some pictures from other weddings they had done with some ideas that I was thinking about, this gave me the opportunity to see how different flowers looked, they me some great advise and have always kept in contact with me informed of different prices.

One tip I can share -   Join a wedding facebook group and read other peoples post, get involved in the discussions and ask questions. Everyone is so kind and helpful on their and you can get some great inspirations from other people. I actually asked about flowers on their, asking for rough prices and what people thought was reasonable/ too much or too little. Everyone on that group really do help if your unsure of anything. I will leave the link to the group I am joined in so that if there are any of you getting married and need some advice you can head over and join. (It is free and you can leave whenever you like)

This one is called wedding items for sale - however it is people selling things, asking for advise, giving out advise, offering inspiration etc.

I debated wether to have artificial flowers but after a few discussions with family, friends and the facebook group, I decided against it because of cost. I thought that artificial flowers would come out cheaper than real but after talking with a lot of people this didn't seem to be the case. I have kept the type and style of flowers to a minimum Im not that clued up on the different types so I knew I didn't want to be over faced with ones that I either couldn't pronounce the name of or even knew anything about.

As we are hoping to be married outside and in the summer I finally came to the decision that real flowers would most definitely look better in the end, but this is a matter of opinion so go with what you feel would suit you better.

Examples of some questions you may want to ask your florist!

*Are you available on our chosen date?
 *Can we see some examples of your work?
*Which flowers are in season for the month we get married?
*Does the price include delivery and set up?
*Can you deliver to our chosen venue?
*How much deposit do I have to put down and when is the final balance due?
*We have a budget, which flowers will work best for it?
*How much time will you need the set the flowers up in the venue?

You may not need to ask these questions but just incase the florist don't already talk to you about any of this, bear these questions in mind just incase!! Take a note pad and jot it down!!

Examples of what you may need flowers for!

Brides Bouquet
Bridesmaid Bouquet's
Button Holes
Flowers for venue decor - pillars, bandstands, aisles etc
Table decorations if these include flowers
Flowers if incorporated with the cake

You may not need or want flowers for all of these things, remember it is your day and it comes down to personal choice and lets be honest cost too!!

So thats today's wedding diary catch up, I hope you enjoyed this read.
If your planning a wedding too, how are you getting on with your plans??

Talk soon


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