Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Don't you find it so annoying when you run out of some of the most needed essential skincare item, but your in a rush to find something quick.?

Yeah, that happened to me about a month or so ago, I had nipped in to boots on a shopping trip just after Christmas, I was quite happy browsing through all the make up aisle's until my other half started to get little impatient and to be honest a bit fed up as it was coming up towards the end of the day. I had dragged him around a fair few shops, he was getting a little tired (bless him), I was making my way up to the till and it sprung to mind that I had run out of cleanser to remove make up, so as you can guess I pretty much picked up the first thing I saw at a reasonable price.

That brings me to the new Garnier Oil infused cleansing micellar water, which I didn't actually realise  until I got home that it was a newly released product. I will be honest I picked it up because of the price as a lot of skincare items now can be quite pricey, however I managed to get this at £3.99 (Introductory Price). Normally £5.99

I hadn't really taken much notice when picking this up in Boot's as I just knew I needed something to remove my make up and at that point in the day I just picked up whatever was in front of me.

It was when I got back home that I had a proper look at what I had picked up, I have used micellar water's before so I knew that I was great at removing make up. I hadn't tried Oil infused waters though so this is something new for me.

I have to say I love this micellar water, it is really gentle on my skin and eyes, as this is designed for delicate skin & eyes anyway. It removes waterproof make up, cleanses and comforts the skin. There is no need to rinses with water after using this.

I expected this to leave my skin with a greasy finish to my skin after the first time of using this, however this removed my make up from my skin without having to rub harshly and then left my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. There was no greasy or oily finish to the skin, it just left my skin super cleansed.

To use this all you need to do is the shake the bottle to infuse the oil & water together, apply to a cotton pad and simply wipe away the make up from your skin, there is no need to rub the skin as the oil just breaks down the make up. Below I have linked my recent video from youtube where I tried & tested this product!!

So this is my new skincare find, I will definitely be heading back to Boot's to pick this up, If you have sensitive skin this is a product you should definitely try as it gently removes dirt & make up but soothes the skin throughout the whole removal.

Let me know if you have tried this yet and what are your thoughts??

Talk soon


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