Monday, 1 January 2018

So I know it has been a little while since I last posted about the wedding, but I'm back today as it  is officially new year I thought I would get on top of my one of biggest goals and get cracking with the blog post writing. 

Since I last posted about the wedding, we have started to get a lot of things into place now, it really is beginning to feel real, I mean we are only 6 months away! (6 MONTHS)?? 
The past year has just flown by. 

So one thing we had sorted before the end of 2017 was the wedding bands, this was surprisingly quite  difficult to come to a decision. Obviously your engagement ring is such a important piece to choose for either your partner or if you chose it yourself like me, but the wedding bands have got to be right too as its not going to be leaving your finger. (Hopefully)

For my fiancé he wasn't too fussed about what sort of band he had as long as it was light and thin, so we actually picked his out pretty sharpish, however choosing mine was a whole different story.

Originally I wanted to go back to the jewellers where we picked out my engagement ring in Birmingham, as they had a matching wedding band to my ring,  however after having a think about it my ring is quite unusual and I felt like the band took away the attention from the ring so I was put off by that idea. We decided to head to a few of our local jewellers in Lincoln City and try as many different styles as I could. 

Sharing 1 tip with you would be to definitely try as many bands as you can so you know you have tried all the different styles of bands.

Like I said above I have got an unusual engagement ring ( I love it by the way) but it did make choosing a wedding band quite difficult. A lot of the advisers in the jewellers often pointed out that my ring was beautiful and different so I knew I had a little bit of a challenge. I had a few people advise me from my family that a plain band would be better as it wouldn't take the attention away from my engagement ring, however the look of a plain band on my finger just didn't look right. I still wanted a little bit of sparkle on the band but nothing too heavy. 

I think we had been into about 4 jewellers before we finally reached Goldsmith's where I found the perfect band to match my ring, before finding it though I still tried about 6 rings on. It was actually my fiancé that asked me try this band on, and put together with my ring, they fitted perfectly together. 

Another tip I will share with you is to try and stick to the same material as your engagement ring, if your budget allows. I have a platinum ring so I knew that going for a platinum band would sit better together. For example if you already have a platinum engagement ring and then decide on a white gold wedding band, over time the colour on the white gold band will wear differently. However this is not a definite must, it is just a thought to bear in mind. Something I learnt from an adviser.

If you haven't already seen my engagement ring then I will leave a photo below for you to see, these also include some of the wedding bands I tried in a few jewellers. 

Have you found your wedding bands yet? Or if not what are your thoughts to some of theses?

Talk soon




  1. The band and the ring are so pretty! Hope the rest of your wedding planning is going well x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Thank you so much, all going well so far a little stressful at times but trying to push through :) Thanks for reading hun!! X


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