Monday, 23 October 2017

I love using my make up brushes to apply my makeup more than my hands or even a beauty blender, yes I am one of those people that isn't a huge fan of the beauty blender. I mean don't get me wrong its a fantastic beauty tool but I still love using my brushes.

There are so many branded and unbranded make up brushes & tools out there. Some are fantastic quality that you will find lasting for a long time, years!! Some are still great but might not last the length of time you expect or want but that's OK if your happy with it.

When I first starting playing around with make up, my brush collection was minimal, I'm talking about two brushes in total. That's crazy to think because now my collection is much larger. I think I started out with a powder brush and an eye shadow brush and was it. As I have grown fond of make up over the past 10 years I have found that brushes are the way forward for me and decided to slowly expand my collection to varied brush sizes and for different make up application.

I love the brand Real Techniques and I'm 100% sure most people will have heard of the brand and know exactly what the brush collections look like. Although I do have a couple of brushes from other brands too.

OK so above are my everyday favourite brushes. (excuse the fact they may be a little dirty). Now I do own more brushes than this but like I said I wanted to show you my everyday brushes and these are for the base of the face. So the eyeshadow & lip brushes are not included in this collection but I will share those with you another day.

So from left to right - First off I have the large powder brush by Real Techniques. This is an award wining brush which makes you question why you wouldn't want to pick this up. It is made up of synthetic hairs, they don't shed the hairs and it feels really soft on the skin. I don't use this for applying powder I actually use it for applying bronzer as it makes this process super quick especially if I'm getting ready for work in the morning, but it still leaves a flawless look. You can use this brush for many different uses. Powder, bronzer, blusher, whatever you want it works with everything.

Next up is the Blusher brush (again from Real techniques). These are all the same brand so I wont repeat my self with the next few brushes. So another award wining brush, I love this one, it has long synthetic hairs and is shaped beautifully to help contour and define your cheek bones. I use this with powder blushes and use circular motions on the apples of my cheeks and it spreads the product  evenly across my cheeks, although you can use this with cream products too and works just as well.

Right in the middle is the Setting brush - this is by far my favourite from this collection pictured above. It is perfect for helping set small areas of the face with a bit of powder. I use this mostly under my eye area. I pop the brush into a small amount of powder and pat this under my eyes and around the creases of my nose. The flexibility of the bristles allows me to create a flawless look without my skin appearing cakey. This also great for adding a bit of highlighter to the skin if you don't own a fan brush, this works just as well.

Another favourite of mine is the multi - task brush, I use this everyday to set my face with powder, I prefer a medium sized brush for this as it gets into all points of the skin, but still spreads the product evenly across all surfaces. Just like it says it is a multi task brush so if you want to use it for blush, bronzer, powder or highlighter you can do.

And finally it is the target blending brush, which weirdly enough I cant find anywhere now. I cant remember if I picked this up with a set or weather it was a single brush. It was a while ago so I am sorry, however this is perfect for blending concealer into the tough blemishes I can also work the product into the skin with the help from this brush, its short but compact and helps leave those tough red spots covered and concealed. This does also help to conceal around the nose and leave a smooth finish to the skin so I am so pleased that is still have this brush as it is fab.

All of these brushes are amazing, and like I said I have others too, but these are the ones I use in my everyday make  up application so they have a become to a staple to my routine. They are long lasting and they don't seem to wear, the handles are easy to wipe clean and have stayed in tact. The hairs themselves are really easy to wash and they dry very quickly, they go straight back to their original shape so there is no need to worry about them being misshapen after the cleaning process. These are all round fab brushes to have in your collection.

If you are more of a sponge kinda lover then don't worry as Real Techniques offer those too. I have the miracle complexion sponge and this is brilliant for foundation so you must give them a try too.

Let me know what your favourite brushes are from this brand? Or tell me about a brand you think is worth a try, I would love to know :)

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