Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Wow, I know before you say anything it has been a little while since a new post has been uploaded. As you can imagine things are starting to become real and a lot has been happening, not just wedding plans but just life in general so writing has taken a back sit for just a little while, but I am back and have a brand new post for you to read!

So yes it is all about finding that perfect wedding dress for your special day, after a couple of months of being engaged I started to ask friends and family when they thought would be the best time to start looking at wedding dresses, and to be honest the answer is whenever you feel ready, just don't leave it to late obviously. 

A couple of tips I will share with you

1. Browse through as many magazines as possible, cut out pictures stick them into a wedding planner, this will help you see the different styles you like.

2. Phone a few different bridal shops and get some advice from them as to when the best time to start shopping is, and what happens at a first appointment. These questions will definitely help you as this was exactly what I did myself.

I spent a good few weeks putting together a few different ideas into my planner, different neck lines, embellishment's etc. This helped my nerves before the day of my appointment because before I even started browsing through magazines thoughts that ran through my head were that I didn't think I would suit a wedding dress, I had no idea what style would be right for me. 

I had my first appointment at a bridal place just a few miles away from my village which have so many fantastic reviews and pictures from other brides on their wedding day which really put me at ease when deciding on a shop to go to. I decided to just take my mum to my first appointment, this was my decision but you may want to take more people with you, maybe your bridesmaids, mother of the groom etc. It is entirely your choice who you want to take, you can even go on your own. 

When we both walked into the bridal lounge we were greeted by a lovely lady called Rachel she made me feel at ease straight away, she led us into where all the lovely gowns were and explained how the appointment would work. We were left to browse for 10 mins while she went off to make us a drink so we got to have a good look at he dresses and put little heart cushions over the dresses I wanted to try, which turned out to be quite a few to my surprise. 

A couple of tips while your at your first bridal appointment

1.Try on as many dresses, try the styles that you don't think will suit you. I did and it surprised me as styles I thought I wouldn't like, actually suited me.

2.Ask any questions you may have, even if you think your being silly, your not.

Anyway what you really wanna know is did I find my dress??

The answer .... Yes I did!!

As soon as I tried it on I said to Rachel "I can imagine my nan saying its such a bonny dress" and I knew that mum would have the biggest smile on her face when I walked out from behind the curtain.
I was right too, as soon as I came out my mum looked at me and said it was gorgeous and it was my dress. It stood out from all the other dresses I tried. I LOVE MY WEDDING DRESS.

* Strangely a few days after my first appointment I was back in my wedding planner book sticking pictures of shoes & accessories when I noticed that I had actually stuck a picture of my chosen dress in it without even realising. This was done before my appointment, so now I feel like that dress is 100% for me. :)

I wont be sharing any pictures of my dress right now, I will share them after the wedding but I will let you know the designer :)

My dress is by Stella York - you should definitely take a look at their dress as they are simply stunning. 

That is today's wedding chats guy's, I hope you've enjoyed the read, I will be back  soon with another wedding diary. :)

Have any of you brides to be found your perfect dress yet?

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