Saturday, 30 September 2017

I have decided just recently that I am going to share my new favourite beauty/skincare/haircare finds every time I feel like I found a gem of a product. 

So to start this off, I did a Tesco's food shop about a month back and realised that I needed  new moisturiser as I was pretty much out of anything else I had. As you do when you've got the almighty task of trailing around all the aisles in Tesco's, I hit the last aisle and just wanted to get home so I rushed about and picked up this moisturiser from the brand Nivea which I guessed would be an alright skincare product as it was reasonably priced.

This is the Nivea rich moisturising day cream for dry & sensitive skin. Now I will mention that I have combination skin but I had been suffering with a bit of dry skin around my forehead and the skin around my nose had been feeling quite sensitive so I decided I would give a cream that's suited for sensitive skin a try.

I actually use this cream morning and evening, I find it's especially great for using in my night time skin routine. It is such a rich hydrating cream that seems to last all the through the night until I get up the following morning. 

I've been using this as my main cream for day & night applications pretty much everyday. I sometimes forget but to be fair I've been much better at remembering to use it. Since using it so often, my skin feels incredibly soft and I feel like my make up application is much better. I feel foundation sits on my skin so much better than before, it glides on smoother and lasts much longer than normal, I am perfectly happy saying that I really feel that the moisturiser is the reason why.

This cream also has a SPF of 15 so as well as giving the skin intense hydration it also helps protect your skin in sunlight. Its main ingredient is Almond oil which we all know works wonders for really dry skin. I feel that it has given my skin that extra boost of hydration and I cant thank that product enough. As we are getting to those colder months now, this product will be a perfect staple to your skincare routine, and it will be in mine. :)

So far in my life of using moisturisers, this is the 2nd product that I have found that I can completely trust and say it has really helped improve the appearance of my skin. You will probably remember my other favourite which is the Bee Good plump and firm moisturiser that I absolutely love, however I have found another favourite that I will be keeping in my skincare collection for a long time which is this one.

You can pick this day moisturiser from most drugstores and supermarkets so you'll have no problems trying to get your hands on it, but if you are stuck I have left a link below for you guy's to click on to.

Nivea rich moisturising day cream

And that's today's post guy's, don't forget to leave a comment below.... let me know your go to moisturisers right now!!

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