Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time to start looking for the bridesmaid dresses. I have 4 amazing ladies that will be by my side on the day. We have found the right dresses for all of them but I wouldn't say the process has been an easy one when looking for them. Luckily I knew what sort of style would suit the girls and so did they.

If I could give you one tip - Get your bridesmaids together or include them in a group chat on what's app/Facebook chat. Get them to let you know what sort of style they would prefer to wear. I know its your day but getting an idea of what your girls would like/not like will make things easier for you to start with. For example all of my girls let me know that strapless dresses weren't their favourites. It made it a lot easier for me.

You can either take your bridesmaids dress shopping into high street stores or even bridal shops that design or sell bridesmaids dress. Or like me you can browse the Internet and purchase them of a site that sell dresses. For me this was a much easier option as it can be quite difficult when you all work/have kids or live further away. We all had a good browse on all the high street sites and bridal sites and sent pics into a group chat and got each others opinions.

It took us a little while to find the right colour & style but we got there. When I say it took a while I don't mean hours, I'm talking a good couple of weeks. I would say the colour is the hardest to get right. Our colour for the girls dresses needed to be a very pale nude/pink. You will be surprised how hard it is to find that perfect colour to match your theme.

I ordered the sizes for the girls and got them delivered to my address so I could have a look and make sure I was happy, and then from there the girls came and tried them. So far I'm happy with them and the girls are too. Sizes are pretty much spot on just a couple of small alterations but I think were almost there with them!!

We found the dresses off ASOS, if your after good quality and a wide selection of styles its defiantly worth checking out. The prices are great too, reasonable to a little more expensive if your happy to pay more.

Another tip for you - If your purchasing dresses online please check out the sites reviews on trust pilot. The last thing you want is stress from sites that are not genuine I have read sooo many bad reviews from sites I almost purchased from.

A couple of sites I almost bought from but didn't go ahead with after reading reviews and talking to other people are listed below. * (Not everyone has had bad experiences but for me the bad out way the good)


I think another question that a lot of brides will be wanting to know is should you pay for the dresses/ or should you ask your bridesmaids to chip in a little. I questioned this for a little while but in my eyes I have asked the girls to stand with me on the day so I felt like myself and my fiancรฉ should pay for them. However to keep costs down we stuck to a budget for each dress, and surprisingly we came well under budget.
It is completely your choice as to how you do it, remember it is your day & your plans.

So it is just the accessories and shoe's to go now, we probably keep those pieces quite simple, but for now they can wait as we still have quite a bit of time to go.

That's today's wedding chats!

How are your plans going? Have you chosen your bridesmaid dresses yet?

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  1. Those on the photos look perfect!

  2. Lovely dresses! xx


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