Sunday, 13 August 2017

Hi again, time for some more wedding chats today. We had a couple of weeks free from wedding planning which has actually been quite relaxing as of course we all know that it can get a little bit stressful at times.

Before we had some chill time from all the planning we did have to come to some decision about how we wanted our save the date cards to be designed. This has been the hardest thing for me to get my head around so far. I know what your thinking "You have so much more planning to go yet, its gonna get harder" I know!! HELP

So there are a couple of different ways you can go about your save the dates. To be honest you don't even have to do them if you feel like it is an unwanted extra. A lot of people I have spoken to said that they only gave out invites and not both. This is completely your choice, we decided that we would do both just because our wedding is still a year away (I say a year, it's actually about 10 months) so its a nice idea to let people know that they will want to pop that date in their diary's as a year is a long time and a lot of people can forget those important dates.

So we had decided that my mum would be the one to help us design and create our save the date's. We had a look at possibly getting them made up by a printing website but in the end we thought it would be a little more personal to have them hand made by my mum. She loves card and craft making so she was more than happy to get involved in that part. It can be a little more time consuming but because we have a good year we thought that it gives us enough time, so far all is going well, we are near to finishing them off and hopefully getting them all posted out by the end of the week! (Fingers Crossed).

I will admit deciding on the style of save the date ideas was a difficult one to choose, we obviously know the theme/style of our wedding so we knew that it had to tie in together. We also wanted them to match the day & evening invites when we get round to them. It took a couple of try's to find out exactly how I wanted the save dates, (when I say 'I') I mean my fiancรฉ was quite happy with whatever we went for, he didn't understand why I was getting so stressed over a save the date card. Finding the right size had to be right and what was to be written on the card to be the right information too.

I loved the idea of that vintage/rustic but simple look to our stationary, as you can see by the pic its not quite rustic but I feel like it has that simple vintage finish and I love them. Mum has done a fab job!!

These were made with plain white card and then embossed with the outside design! Printed with the typing we wanted on both sides. The other side has our names and basically making our guests aware that they will be invited to join us on our special day. The cards are then finished off with little flowers (stamped out from coloured card) and then finally a few little pearls stuck down with glue. Simple!!

My tip to you if you are choosing to have Save the Dates - Keep it simple as it is a little reminder for your guests to remember that upcoming date. The invites are where you can go a little more detailed on.

Like I keep saying Pinterest is 100% your friend when it comes to helping you find ideas to fit your wedding styles. Here is my account linked below if you ever want to get some ideas but there are plenty of wedding boards that you can follow, so be sure to search them all.

Pinterest - wedding inspiration - Sammyjayness

That's todays chats on Save the dates. Let me know your thoughts on them?

Are you having them for your wedding?

Do you prefer to do them yourself or use a company?

Lets chat!! :)


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