Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I thought that this part of the wedding planning would be the easiest part, turns out I was wrong. We have now finalised our guest list, although there is still that chance that one or two may be added on yet but its pretty much complete.

We kept going back and forth to this list for a while because it was just too hard to try and get done in one go, choosing who should be invited to the day and who to the evening part, especially if your trying to keep cost down as well, as any bride and groom to be will know this part is basically where your budget can go out the window if your not careful.

To make things easier for us to keep track of everybody invited we have made a excel spreadsheet. I know professional eh?? For me it is anyway, that was my fiancรฉ's idea! For now we have written the brides side and the grooms side so we can get and idea how many family members and friends we have on each side. Trust me this actually helped us decide who should be there for the day/evening.

Pinterest and wedding forums are definitely your friend when trying to get some advice on this part, I've spent hours looking for a bit of guidance as to keeping guests to the right amount without going to crazy.

A lot of people have said to us that you should share your ceremony with the people you are closest to, and mean a lot to you. This made a lot of sense as they are the most important people in our lives. Don't get me wrong if you have an unlimited budget invite everybody that you want, but if you are trying to keep that budget low then just stick to inviting the most treasured friends and family for the ceremony.(That might sound harsh, but trust me you'll understand what I mean!)

So by looking out our excel sheet we put a mark next to the guest we want to share the day with and who we want to share the evening with. We kept going back the list everyday to make sure we were happy with the decision. We then broke the list down to Groom Side, Day & Night and the same with bride side.

Obviously on the day we want our guest's to come together and get to know everybody so we will encourage everyone to sit on either sides of the aisle at the ceremony, but the list just enables us to see all of the guests on each side.

Oh and a little tip If you do try the excel way ... Next your guest, if they have a role in the wedding jot it down next to their name! I find this helps if you have you have family checking through your guest list to help you out they can get an idea of who is doing what!!

Something else which we found helpful when it came to deciding on some guests I will leave below, this was the biggest help, there was no umms and arrrs!! It was just simple....

I have this also saved to my wedding hints & tips Pinterest board here

That's pretty much my experience with deciding the guest list for our wedding, I hope bits from this post has helped you in some way or you have just enjoyed following our wedding diary so far. If there are any bride or grooms to be let me know how your getting on with your plans so far?

I have also linked my main wedding inspiration board on Pinterest here so you can take a look at some of my ideas for our big day!! :)

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