Tuesday, 13 June 2017

                      A favourite part of the wedding planning for sure in my thoughts. Why?

This is where you really get to find out about yourself and your style. (In my opinion you do anyway). You get to search the web for lots of decor ideas, bridesmaid colours, invites etc. I also think its what really brings your ideas together and starts put things in a real place.

It did take me a little while to discover what our theme would be and what suits us both. My thinking behind our theme is our guest's will look at the decor and realise that this is what my fiancé and I are about.

Our theme and colour scheme started from trying to find a wedding planner that we would enjoy sticking ideas into and happy to show off. Our wedding planner has the colours that we have chosen apart from just one colour which it doesn't have included but that's fine!

I love pastel/shabby chic colours. Think Cath Kidston as well, the creams, pinks, pale green and blues & greys! yup that's me all over!! I dream to have that farmhouse, shabby chic home one day, that is my sort of style. My fiancé loves anything Barbour related, really enjoys the old style films and TV shows, he was recently obsessed about the series Peaky Blinders.Our colours that we have chosen (well I made the final decision on this one) are duck egg blue, dusky pink, gold and a whitish cream. They may sound a little complicated but trust me on this one!!

Find  the colours that you associate yourselves with the most, i.e what colours you choose to wear a lot of the time, colours you use in your home. If your partner is very much involved in the planning as you are then use their favourite colours too. My partner is involved but not so much when it comes to having the perfect colours for the big day.

To be honest when we first spoke it all he wanted a colour that he described as a football club... He loved the idea of Anfield Red (his words). When we first decorated our bedroom it was that colour we chose, it didn't stay that way for long it was just too much!! So when it came to deciding on the colour for our wedding I just couldn't agree, so I got to choose the colours. :)

Another thing to consider is the season. If your getting married in the winter, red is a gorgeous colour to use, it's got that warm Christmas feeling!!

As we are getting married in the summer, we thought lighter pastel colours would work much better. (while I'm writing this I am actually hoping we have lovely weather for June next year, because right now its raining and its the 1st week in June).

Next up is deciding if your having a theme to your wedding, which is something not everybody will pick. You can just stick with the colours of your choice and keep everything a bit more simple, or you can go a little bit further with choice's and have a theme to your big day.

We hadn't even really discussed a theme to our wedding at all, we were just working on colours at the time. It wasn't until we went to a wedding fayre with my mum that we had realised that the ideas we were coming up with regarding groomsmen suits, flowers, table decor, invites etc. They all had a certain theme to them, it was my mum that actually said "I think you both have a theme starting to come together".

So yes we have now decided for sure what our theme is for our wedding and this suits both of our personality's. If you've seen my Pinterest board then you've probably already guessed what the theme is but for those of you who maybe haven't seen we have decided with a Vintage/shabby chic feel to the wedding.

After our experience so far unless you know for sure what your theme is, don't worry about it too much, because the more you browse around at different ideas for your decor, stationary etc that's when themes start to run through your mind and come to you naturally. That's what happened to us anyway!!

And remember you don't have to call it a theme at all, at the end of the day... Its you and you're fiance's day and its all about what you both want!!

I think if you take one thing from this... a little idea lets say...

Get yourself and your fiance either on your laptops and phones and both browse through wedding ideas and start saving ideas that your instantly drawn to and love the idea of. Say after a half hour or longer or even over a few days both sit down and show each what you've come up with, you then start to get excited about what you both love and see your perfect day start to come together, trust me this works. Think of it as a fun way of brainstorming together, try not to get worked up about the possibility that you both might have different ideas... you can include little things from both of your ideas!!

If you would rather not use phones or laptops then get the wedding magazines out and get cutting and making mood boards or use wedding planners. We have used both ideas, we have my Pinterest boards and we also have a wedding planner that we have cut ideas out of and stuck them in!! :)

Anyway guy's that's everything for this post, I hope you've enjoyed reading and either taken some tips again or just happy to follow our diary!!

Have any of you guy's got a theme? Did you find it easy to pick your wedding colours??
Comment below, lets have a chat!!

Talk soon




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