Sunday, 28 May 2017

So the wedding plans have begun....

After announcing our engagement in November 2016 plans have slowly started coming together and it is beginning to feel more real. Wow OK so I feel happy in telling you the date for our wedding day. So we have decided our date will be 30th June 2018.

We thought 18 months from our engagement was a good amount of time to plan and save for the big day, and just enjoy being engaged too as lets be honest once the wedding plans start it can be very stressful at times, so I think having plenty of time to relax and plan at the same time is definitely some good advice.

A bit of advice for helping you come to a decision with a suitable date for your big day -

Think of the weather/season, maybe look at what the weather was like the year before especially if your thinking about an outdoor wedding.
 Obviously you cant guarantee the weather will be perfect but this will definitely help you come closer to choosing a month.

Choosing the date was a little bit harder for us but we simply chose the end of the month because its nearer to pay day for a lot of people (not all but most) and seeing as a lot of our guest will be using accommodation in our venue it can help towards cost.

I know that this day is all about the bride & groom but I discussed this with my fiancé and I would like my guests to feel comfortable and happy so why not make it a little easier for them too.  

Another part of our day we have sorted is our venue, I think personally this is big part of the wedding plans you should concentrate on getting completed in your first stage as we all know a lot of places get booked up very quickly and you want to be sure its the place you can see you and your fiancé spending your day at.

I am not going to be sharing the venue in this post but I will include it at some point along the way in my wedding journal.

We decided after a few chats that we didn't want to be married in a church and that we wanted to hold everything together in one venue, as this is easier for a lot of our guests and it also means we can save some money by not needing any transport for the day.

So we had a look at several different venues which were all beautiful places, and we had considered one but still had one viewing left at another place in a small town about 20 minuets away from our home.

I knew this was the place after a couple of minuets of being there, when we were shown around the venue and accommodation I had a few tears and my fiancé just looked at me and his words were "This is the one isn't it?"
(Honestly the place is just beautiful, as soon as we walked around different parts of the venue I could see myself getting married there!! It's perfect!!)

With that we had a long chat with the wedding coordinator and discussed our ideal date, and the sort of day we wanted and we had reserved the date. After a couple of weeks we took both sets of parents to show them around and to gather their thoughts on the place which was all positive so with that we have now paid the deposit for the day and we now have that venue booked for our whole wedding day. Yay!

I will leave this post at just talking about the date and venue as I could really go on and on, but I hope you enjoy following us on our wedding planning journey. I cant wait to share more chats with you!!

If you cant wait for the next post, keep an eye out on my wedding inspiration board on Pinterest. I will link it below!! There's some ideas I have gathered together.

See my ideas!

Talk soon guy's


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