Thursday, 13 April 2017

Okay so I have had a good few weeks to review March Glossy box and I must say I m pretty impressed with the products, lets first look at the box ....

What do you think? Looks fab doesn't it?

The answer is yes! I have really enjoyed using the products from this months box.

Lets start with the oOlution Eye cream

This is said to help reduce dark circles and bags with the help from its natural ingredients. I have been using this everyday, morning and night. Its actually been a long time since I last used a eye cream so often. I will admit that this cream has helped brighten my eye area a little bit but I naturally have dark circles and upper lids so they are still dark to me, but I have noticed a little bit of difference. The main change I feel this product has helped with is actually moisturising my eye are. My skin feels super smooth and my concealer seems to be gliding on much easier after I have applied this cream and a small amount really does go a long way so I still have plenty of this left and has been a good few weeks!! 

This one of my favourites from this box, we have This Works - In Transit Camera Close Up Primer

A mouthful right? However that doesn't bother me one bit as I have loved this product so much, so this is a primer and moisturiser in 1. This is perfect for quick get up and go look, why?
Well after a quick clean of my face I apply a good amount of this all over my face and neck and then pop a little bit of foundation and i have that natural dewy look. It means if I am in a rush in a morning which is normal for a lot of us. It makes those 2 moisturising and priming steps faster because its a multi action in just one product! Perfect!!

Firstly as a moisturiser this is fantastic, I love how this makes my skin feel each time, this product has their bio-boost which is a blend of their anti-oxidant plant oils which helps to rebuild and protect the skin barrier. I can honestly say this is helping my skin to look a lot more youthful, by brightening and tightening. My skin looks more radiant and much healthier. I am honestly shocked at how much I am enjoying this product.

That is just about the moisturising aspects, this also works as a primer and boy does this help keep my make up in place and last a lot longer than normal. My makeup glides onto my skin beautifully and recently I have had a few compliments on how my make up application has been looking and that is purely thanks to this little gem. It helps give my foundation more of a dewy glow which a lot of primers don't do very well. Oh and if you didn't already know Victoria Beckham uses this so how could you possibly say no to this when her skin looks so dreamy!!

I would just like to point out this is more of a luxury skincare product so if you don't mind a little bit of a splurge this is something you should try. I have linked the page above the picture in the title so you can head over and take a look but so you know now it is £30

OK, so lets move on, that was a long review on just that one product eh.. (sorry about that)

So this is the Crabtree and Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand cream

This is my 3rd tube of this Brands hand cream, I received one as a gift one Christmas and then 2 of these creams from Glossy box. Each time I have enjoyed using these as they are super moisturising and scented so beautifully. This particular scent is very floral hence then name (Somerset Meadows). These creams are infused with Shea butter and macadamia nut oil so as you can imagine they are very hydrating so if you have rough hands this is the cream for you to try.

The other great benefit to this cream is the size, this is perfect to carry around in your handbag but bright enough to see if its buried beneath all your bits and bobs, oh and also very reasonably priced!!

This is another favourite of mine from this box, it is the Schwarzkopf Blond Me Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo

First let me just start off by saying this shampoo isn't just for blondes, as some of you may already no that I don't have blonde hair. OK so the packaging is gorgeous whats better than gold?? Beautiful!

This has been leaving my hair super smooth and smelling gorgeous I love it when you have dried your hair and you can still smell the scents from your shampoo's and conditioner's. This shampoo I can smell all day, the best way I can describe this is think of that smell after you've left the hair salon and you swoosh you hair about and all you can smell is the products they have used.... yeh its that sort of smell this shampoo leaves me with!!
This helps cleanse the hair and also create new bonds within the hairs fibres by strengthening any weakened areas of the hair, so its a real luxury restoring shampoo. You can also pick up the shampoo to match the shampoo so be sure to check those out.

The final product is this cute palette, it is the Sleek Eye And Cheek Palette.

This is such a pretty spring/summer palette, the light colours are so natural but with a hint of glow and highlight. I have been really enjoying using the two orange shades on my lids recently. There are also 2 beautiful blushers in the palette, one a very baby pink, and the other is a highlighter/blush but to be honest I have been using it as a highlighter as it isn't very pink toned. ( The shade in the top left corner).

This palette is a great kit for beginners make up as the shades are not highly pigmented so no need to worry about any obvious mistakes but they are beautiful colours for a subtle day look. This palette is available in a few other different so be sure to check the link above and check those out.

And that is March's Glossy box, I hope you all enjoyed the read..
What have you been loving from the box?
Have you subscribed to any subscription boxes before??

Oh and if you want to see me open everything watch below :)

Talk soon guy's



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