Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Its a new year for Glossybox .... lets see what was inside?

So January's box was the signature pink and black box, apart from this time the inside of lid has written "You can't milk an almond". I will be honest I am not sure I quite understand this quote so if you do, please share!!!

So January's box wasn't a great start to the year, it was OK but not amazing, but lets get into the products!

So I received the 3 Hairon plastic spiral hair ties. I've received these before in a box and I do love these so I knew I wouldn't have a problem with them it was just a difference in colour this time. I love the colour, my hair does have a hint of purple and pink in and they sit nicely within my hair. They are designed to leave your hair kink free and reduce snags to the hair. These work really well, my hair doesn't snap as easily when I take these out compared to standard hair ties. My hair is quite thick and if I leave these in all day they don't leave my hair completely kink free but they do help in some way so you cant really go wrong with these.

This is by far my favourite beauty product from this months box, It's always nice to receive a higher end make up product and I do love the Balm. So this is one of the individual eyeshadow from the Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette. This particular shade is called Matte Kumar and it is a beautiful deep burgundy colour. The pigmentation is deep and matte. It blends perfectly for either a natural or smoky look, and you can use these either wet or dry.
I can highly recommend The Balm Cosmetics eyeshadow's as I already own the Nude'tude palette and the colours are incredible.  

So this Kale fix moisturising cream from the brand Nip & Fab is something I'm still trying to get used to, I am not sure if its working well with my skin right now. Its smells really healthy if that even makes any sense, but since using it I seem to be breaking out a bit but I am sticking with it because I review the products but also It has amazing ingredients that I hopeful its going to work in all ways it claims to.

I feel like this has been smoothing my skin out and leaving a glow but I have noticed a few more spots than usual, but then that could be down to a number of different things as I have been feeling unwell recently. (sad face)

The ingredients in this is something I have definitely not tried in a cream before, Kale, Watercress, Almond milk (among others too). It sounds like something you would pop into a fruit & veg juice or smoothie, not onto your face. Like I said I'm still giving this time to work as there is just something about this that I love.

This is the Unani Illuminate Cleansing Milk, this came as a full size product which I can say will last me a long time as you only need to use a small pea sized amount! This is a cleansing milk that helps to remove makeup, restore your skins elasticity and leave a soft smooth finish. It definitely removes make up, not so great on eye make up but 100% your face products. I cant say I have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin but it does leave my skin free from product.

Like I said earlier I only use a tiny amount. I apply this onto damp skin and massage in for a good couple of minute's and then follow by rinsing with cold water and a muslin cloth.

OK, so you all know how I feel about sheet masks, there just not my thing at all. Every time I receive one of these in my box I just know I wont get on with them. I know I shouldn't judge a product before I try them but its the one skincare product that just doesn't agree with me!

This is the Manuka Honey face mask by Vitamasques, it is a little bit different to the other formula's I have tried before, this was more of a watery mask where as the others I had tried were more of a gel like texture with a lot of extra product inside the packaging.

This was a little easier to apply however it says to apply the mask tightly over your skin. Once I had applied it, it would stay put for a minute and then all of sudden it would loosen around the chin area so it just wouldn't stay put. I am starting to think it is just my face that doesn't like these sheet masks!

Unfortunately I didn't notice any difference in my skin, it states it will nourish the skin but I'm sorry to say that I just couldn't tell any difference at all.

That is everything in the January box, what are your thoughts?

This wasn't my favourite box at all but that's just my opinion, lets hope February is a good one!!

check out my video below, see me open the products!

Speak soon




  1. Hmmm...I feel that for how much Glossybox charges, they could have included better products in this box. :o)

    1. Yes I wasn't excited by January's box but February is a good one!! :)


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