Monday, 27 February 2017

So I have decided to write about my favourite skin care products for this month, I love all skincare products anything to help my skin out by hydrating, reduce spots & impurities. I have combination oily skin so I always find a lot of different products available but only so many work that I have tried so far.

So you want to know what products I use right?

I am going to go through the 3 steps - Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise.

1. Cleanse..

I have been using 2 products to cleanse my skin and remove make up, I find this works for me really well because it really helps removes any make up and dirt (dirt I know sounds odd but from being out all day your skin does collect this).

To start with I remove all of my make up with the Garnier Micellar cleansing gel wash, believe me when I say you only need a small amount so don't over do it with this product.

Dampen your face with a splash of warm water and apply one pump into the palm of your hand rub into the skin for a good minute or so, making sure your really working the product into the skin. Grab a damp flannel / muslin cloth and gently wipe the product away, this will then take the makeup away from your skin. Be gentle around the eye and lip area try not to drag the skin.

This micellar gel wash is gentle on the skin, I will admit that the 1st time I used this I applied a little too much so when I used it around my eyes it sting a small amount, but further applications I used a lot less and it was fine after that. So just remember not to use a lot! This smells incredible as well, not chemically at all.

For a second cleanse I use the MOA green cleansing balm with bamboo cloth. 'Oh my' this is an amazing product for the skin. It helps boost hydration back into the skin especially around any dry patches. It has great healing powers to this cleanser, it helps with scars, bumps, bites and grazes. This is basically a repair balm this is why I use this as the 2nd cleanse because after removing make up any blemishes and scars underneath my makeup this has been helping my skin get back to youthful stage. It really is the bomb!!

You get the bamboo face cloth with this, which feels amazing on the skin!! It has a soft side and then what feels like an exfoliating side. With this product you only need a small amount again, I simply take a dab of this and rub all over my face making sure all dry patches are covered too. After all the product is rubbed into the skin, get your bamboo cloth using the exfoliating side get it under a hot tap and then rub gently over your face and then go back over with the softer side and cold water. DONE!!

After using this product my skin feels so refreshed and hydrated and it feels nourished again. Definitely worth purchasing this one if you have ever struggled with acne or just scars in general it will help reduce them for sure, the tea-tree and yarrow is what helps heal the skin.

2. Lets tone..

I love the brand Pixi and I know that a lot of bloggers will have tried the Pixi glow tonic so I knew I had to join the band waggon with this one. I have been using this toner for a while now and I love it soo much!!

This helps to brighten my skin after cleansing, it instantly feels refreshing. It is also a exfoliating toner so it helps remove dead skin cells from the surface. You only need a few drops of this onto a cotton pad to apply to your whole face, and this also helps diminish scars and sun damage with applying it morning and night every day. 

It is suitable for all skin types so there is no need to say no to this product.

3. Time to moisturise..

This will forever be my all time favourite moisturiser, I have spoken about this in a few of my favourite videos on my youtube channel. Its the Bee Good Plump & Firm Youth Enhancing Moisturiser.

I really do adore this product, the quality is fantastic and the brand is known for using all natural ingredients such as Honey, British Propolis, Shea butter etc. I have actually just finished this so I do need to pick another one up. Again with this cream you only need a pea sized amount which is plenty to use across your face and neck area.

This is for all skin types again, and I have said before you really need to try this if you haven't already, it has so many benefits some of which are;
  • Instantly plumps and firms the skin
  • Softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Leaves skin looking instantly refreshed and hydrated
  • Skins looks dewy
  • Leaves you with youthful luminosity
What more could you want from a moisturiser!! Oh and just incase you hadn't noticed this product has won the CEW Beauty awards for 2015.

If you want to get buying any of these products I have left links below -

What are your favourite skincare products right now??

Talk soon



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