Sunday, 8 January 2017

Wow 2016 certainly passed by, I had even forgotten that I hadn't uploaded a review post for December's Glossbox, so here it is....

My favourite box by far for 2016, perfect for the Christmas party season. What is better than having a waterproof brow sealer, Nude Lipstick, a highlighter palette, a Forrest green eyeshadow and a pink/nude nail polish. Just perfect if you ask me!!

The box was designed beautifully for December and I must say perfect for all us beauty bloggers out they. White and gold is such a pretty colour, great for some cracking Instagram shots!!

Anyway onto the actual products, so first off I was excited to see a brow gel in this month's box, this is by the brand Lipcote. If you haven't heard of them let me tell you that they do the lipstick sealer as well which I have also tried before.

I have been using this brow sealer every day when I am wearing makeup. This is 100% a great sealer. I brush this through my brows after I have applied brow product whether that be a powder product or a cream product. It works well with both!
This has helped keep my brows in place all day without smudging, as we all know some cream products can either smudge or run maybe just a little bit, but with this sealer they really haven't budged!! The best feature of this product is that it is waterproof, so if you get caught in a rain shower and worried about your brows there really is no need! Trust me this really does work!!

You can pick this up from your local drugstore for £6.99

Lets talk about this little beauty of a colour .....

I am not one for a green shadow normally but I have had a couple of go's at trying this shade on my eyes, because its quite dark I feel like sometimes I might look a little strange walking out with this colour on my eyes, but it has been Christmas so I could get away with it a bit more, I've not tried many of Gosh make up products before, however trying this for the 1st time I was impressed. The colour is very pigmented so you don't need to use a lot at all. This works well as a dark smoky eye if your on a night out!!
I am still experimenting with this shade yet but what I have been enjoying, is applying it onto my bottom lash line rather than using eyeliner I have been doing this a lot recently with a lot of other shades too. So if you don't fancy going all out with a smoky eye just try smudging a small amount onto your bottom lash line, it just adds a little something extra to your make up look!

Pick this up for £7.99

A highlighting kit perfect for the party season...

A beautiful highlighting palette by the brand Essence. As we all know highlighting is popular among make up artist's and bloggers but they can be quite expensive. I have been using cheaper products for a while now before I was able to go and treat myself to more expensive ones. However not all cheaper products are useless, this is one of them. You get three shades within this palette and all 3 are beautiful colours, out of all of them I love the shade in the middle this is a pink shimmer that leaves a lovely glow next to a perfect pink blush! I have been noticing that the middle shade is the most pigmented one out of the three. Then end shade is more of a bronze highlighter again this also sits nicely next to a bronzed forehead as it offers a lovely natural glow. The first shade on the left isn't the best as it the dullest out of the three but for a cheaper highlighting palette you cant really complain about it!!

Lets move on to the lips....

OK, so I cannot explain enough how much I love this lipstick, from a brand I had not heard of before but one that I will 100% be purchasing from in the future. They are called MDM flow. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous Its a full gold bullet with the name of the brand in black. The actual bullet itself is heavy so it isn't made of a cheap plastic material that will just break away.

The colour looks slightly different in the photo's but this a dark grey toned lip shade, and its beautiful. I wear this everyday when I'm at work, its a perfect Autumn / Winter shade and fits perfectly with a light brown smoky eye, or even just a light coat of mascara on your eyes. Its a creamy matte finish and is definitely a long lasting lipstick and doesn't bleed at all, just perfect what else do you need. Its also super moisturising on your lips as it holds vitamin E component.

You can pick these up for £18

Finally lets finish of with a nail polish....

We have the Revlon nail polish in Grey Suede, to me this looks more of a pink shade but the description is grey suede. When you apply this to your nails it does show up more pink I will be honest but it still looks great!
I never really know how to write well about a polish because lets be honest all polishes chip after a few days to a week. It is said that this can last up to 10 days but I certainly didn't get 10 days chip free. I know I wont get a chip free result from normal nail polishes because of where I work, if I want that sort of result I have to opt for gel nails!

However if your after a everyday natural nail look then this colour is adorable, I say its a beautiful pastel finish after 2 coats. Perfect to wear if your of out shopping, attending a event or would even look beautiful for a wedding look!!
(yes I have weddings on my mind as I am currently planning one)

You can pick this up for £6.49 (on offer at boots for £4.49 currently)

So guy's that is my December Glossybox review. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at everything I received last month. Like I said at the beginning this has been my best box for 2017. I'm looking forward to receiving the January box as I have seen good things so far and I know there is a higher brand inside this time after seeing a sneak peak on the beauty leaflet!!

If you want to see me open the December box then take a watch below you will also be able to see me swatch some of the colours...

Take care and speak soon!!


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