Saturday, 3 December 2016

This is such an exciting time for me right now! Its been 7 years that my partner and I have been together :) some may say thats a short time some may agree with me and say thats a long time for a relationship. Weve been togther since I was the age of 18 and at that point I wasnt really looking for a relationship but naturally it jut happended.
As all relationships we had our ups and downs with a lot of things but we have worked through them and risen above everything.
A lot of our friends and family have been waiting for this moment for a long long time, and on the 11th november this year we anounced our engagement!
We went out to dinner at our usual favourite place, which of course was Frankie and Bennies (I love anything like pasta & pizzas). Il just point out at no point on this night did I think he would pop the question. He was too calm.
After dinner we decided to take a walk around Lincoln Cathedral which is just beautiful, even more so at night time when all the lights are hitting it. It was so cold that night aswell, normally I am not a fan of walking around somewhere when its freezing cold however he talked me round by saying we were going pokemon hunting! (Yes i know... sad but I loved it) Obviously we didnt actually go pokemon hunting we had a walk around the catherdral and just as we got to the front of it he was down one knee and proposed!!!!
I was so shocked and suprised that I actually asked him if he was serious. I really couldnt believe he was asking me... but of course I said yes! I was and still am so so happy!!!
Of course after all the high emotions of actually being proposed to we got in contact with all of our family and friends. They were all over the moon for us, my parents obviously knew as he had already asked my dad for permission. Everybody is so happy for us both and cannot wait for the wedding. So here comes all the planning. Wow! Im so excited but a little stressed il admit, I never realised how many things there are to think about with a wedding but it will be so much fun!!!!
Im hoping to blog as much as I can about our journey to planning our wedding!! I just wanted to share something different on my blog as this is such exciting news for us!
If anyone has advice to planning a wedding be sure to let me know..
Catch you all soon! 😊 x


  1. Congratulations!!!! really happy for you♥

    1. Awwh thank you Sama!! Hope your well :)


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