Saturday, 3 December 2016

I have been a subscriber to Glossybox for 1 whole year now. (wow) where has this year gone, I mean I'm writing this now thinking its already December and I am no where near ready as I have only purchased 1 Christmas present. What is wrong with me? I am normally well prepared!

As I was saying, I have been receiving a monthly box from glossybox for the past year. I first started my subscription back in November 2015, I'm really pleased that I have kept going with it because I love getting a treat each month and discovering new products from different brands. If you are looking for a subscription box that offers a variety of drugstore to luxury brands, seriously give Glossybox a try. I pay £13.00 a month inc p&p and the box arrives around the 8th of each month giving you plenty of time to really try out all your beauty goodies. Go on, you know you want to!!

OK, so lets take a look at November's products. It was a good one!!

So as a thank you from Glossybox they sent out a little Glossy note book, and I love nothing more than a shelf full of notebooks to write little notes in. I've actually been using this particular pad for writing my Christmas wish list for my other half! What's more to love than a little pink notepad!! Just love it so thank you Glossybox.

So this skin sheet mask was the only disappointment in my box, I have said before that I am not a fan of these masks because they just don't stay on my face. Am I the only one with this problem?
I haven't heard of this brand before so I was intrigued to see if would be one that might actually work me, but I thought wrong which is a shame because they are perfect for a good pamper night.
The fact that this mask didn't fit and would not stay put was a massive problem for me, and I must say it felt like my skin was having a reaction to this one, after a couple of minutes of applying it my skin felt very itchy. (Not good)
However this mask did smelly amazing, very fruity and looks stunning too. You would think the mask is just either clear or white but the whole thing is gold in colour so it definitely shouts out luxurious.

I was so pleased to have a hair treatment in this box, again another brand that I hadn't heard of before but I will definitely be purchasing from them soon. This is the hair thickening root boost spray, which I will be honest I really don't need thicker hair, its already thick enough!
Saying that I have been to a recent awards ceremony with my work place and I decided to have my hair curled and I wanted extra volume towards my roots as the weight from my curls can pull my hair down slightly, so I used this spray onto my damp hair the night before and then blow dried my hair as this product is heat activated. Using heat helps activate the thickening proteins within the product to help give your hair more of a bouncy voluminous look.
It is advised to use 3 pumps, but I would say a maximum of 2 pumps is fine because you use this towards the roots you don't want to add too much product to that part of your hair because it can become greasy very quickly, I used just 2 and got on really well with this.

I was so pleased to get a new eyeshadow, especially in the form of a cream pencil. This is from the brand Debruyere. (A French brand). I love this colour, it is classed as a khaki green/grey but has a hint of metallic to it, perfect for the Autumn/Winter season. Works brilliantly if your applying a smoky eye.
The texture is super creamy so I found it works well when blending with other colours, the only downside.... It isn't a long lasting product because it is so creamy which means is has a tendency to crease up. If you want to make this last as long as possible try using an eye primer before applying as it will certainly help. I have been using this just underneath my water line which just adds a little something extra to my eyes :)

Next up, my favourite from November's box. It's the Ruby professional tapered eye shadow brush. This is an amazing brush, and you know what it isn't expensive at all. This is the softest eye shadow brush I own now, and its really sturdy too.
It blends out shadow incredibly well and holds onto pigment too. This has been my everyday shadow brush, I haven't used anything else but this beautiful little brush. Its very neat and well put together. LOVE IT!!

These are starting to become quite common with Glossybox, not that I am complaining at all. These are The Wilkinson sword Quattro for women. These came in a pack of 3 which is great because we all know razors cost a fortune!! Am I right??
These are the disposable razors which are ones I am very familiar with as I would normally purchase disposable anyway. These have 4 blades within the razors and a pivoting head making for an easier shave, they also have a raspberry scented handle although I'm not quite sure why but I think its just a little added extra to the razors. I've really enjoyed using these razors so I don't have a bad word to say. Its a perfect skincare product to receive for these next few party weeks ahead of us!!


A little extra in my box was a Raffaello chocolate (mmmmmm) This was so tasty!! If your looking for some little chocolates to add to some Christmas presents, pick some of these up. They taste delicious. perfect for any chocoholic out there. These do have almonds and coconut in so if your not a fan of those ingredients then maybe not for you!


And that is everything from Novembers box, if you want to see me open everything watch below and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to see more :)

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know if your new to Glossybox what are your thoughts?

Talk soon

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