Thursday, 29 December 2016

Finally my fiance and I are taking a little break away from everything at home and spending some time with family for just short of a week. We have had a lot happening at the moment so we decided after christmas day, it would be a great idea to get away and see some other sights!! 
I am currently away at the moment in a lovely little village/town called Honfleur in the Northen part of France for the last part of December. It has been a while since we have been away so we are really taking the time out to have a break so hopefully having some time away from work and the stress from things happening in normal life will clear my mind and help me in the new year to start over and get some great posts out on my blog as I have really struggled to find inspiration for writing great posts. I really enjoy reading and writing blogs but I have hit a bit of a wall this past few months. 
If anyone has tips in finding inspiration for their posts let me know, I will be forever greatful. 
So please bear with me while im away and taking a bit of time away, Im sure you wont mind.!!  

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