Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hi guy's I have been super excited to write this post as I have been loving 2 of the best face mask's I have ever tried, and I am not fibbing here!!

So if you follow my channel on youtube, you will have already seen my first impression and application video for my 2 favourite masks. I have had a lot of positive feedback for these two video's so I thought why not write a post on why I love these mask's sooooo much!

I have been using these Loreal Pure Clay Masks for a good few months now, and I have used most of the product from both pots but I still have about 1 or 2 applications left. (That's a guess). They do say you can get 10 applications from these masks, but I have found that I can get a lot more from them as I don't put a really thick amount on as they spread very generously. So if you think you need to pile it all on to benefit from these masks, trust me you really don't.

The first mask that I picked up from Loreal is the pure clay detox mask which is the dark charcoal one. The day that the masks were launched into my local Boots store I knew I wanted to pick at least one to try. Now I like to think I have a good idea as to what my skin type is, because I was told what type I was when I studied beauty at college and I don't really think it has changed too much. So I go with my skin being combination as I do have an oily t-zone area and then my cheeks are a little bit dry too.

I wanted to try the Detox mask first as I do struggle with quite a few impurities and blackheads ( I know ....ew) and because my skin is oily around my forehead, nose and chin,I wanted a product that would help draw out all the bad stuff from my skin. This seemed to be the perfect product to help with that.

This mask acts like a magnet to help draw out impurities, and cleanses deep within the pores which I really do feel like this does its job. It also leaves my skin feeling smooth and polished without drying it out. I always leave this mask on about 10 minuets sometimes a little bit less just depends on how quickly it sets, I then simply remove with a warm damp muslin cloth, and I am left with skin feeling super cleansed!

My second favourite mask from the Loreal brand is the Pure Clay Purity one, I picked this one up because again this works deep into the pores helping to purify and leave the skin looking more matte but without drying it out too much. My skin feels really refreshed and softer after using this mask which is something else I love.

The consistency of this mask is a little bit thinner than the detox one, it did take a little longer to apply as I was finding areas that weren't completely covered, but that's ok I don't mind that! Also I always leave this mask to dry a few minuets longer than the detox one as that's just what I have been noticing in the difference between the two masks.

I find the best way for applying these masks onto my face is to use a flat foundation brush. (I use the Real Techniques brand) but any brush will be fine. A few people had commented on my 1st mask  video that they wouldn't have thought about using a brush, but I just find that its a easier and cleaner process. I mean if your like me, I really don't like the feeling of having product on my hands especially if its a grainy mask or a really sticky one.  

If you have combination or oily skin like myself I highly recommend these two Loreal Pure Clay Masks for you to try, if you want to help reduce oiliness & impurities from the skin these are the ones to use as I notice such a difference when using them. I try to use them at least once a week, but it is recommended to use twice a week if you can, but I mean realistically we all know that this takes time and we all don't have a lot of that. (Well I don't anyway). Not only are these mask perfect for helping your skin, but these also smell amazing, no need to worry about them having a chemical smell as they don't. They have a very natural

I will be purchasing the last mask from this range which is the Pure Glow, but It isn't at the top of my list as I feel my skin does have a small amount of glow already. But if you are somebody who requires that help for your face, pick that one up!

Be sure to let me know what you think too?

These masks are available at drugstore and they come at a reasonable price of £7.99 but if you keep your eyes open and your in the UK Boots often put these on offer for a fantastic £5.00 each!!

And that is my post on my favourite face masks, I will most definitely be using these through the Autumn and Winter months to help keep my skin in the best condition! I hope you all enjoyed this read.

Have you tried these mask's yet?

Catch up with you all soon

Byeeeee x


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