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Time to review last months glossybox, now I really enjoyed September's box as there were such a great variety of products so I wasn't sure how October's box would beat it. I must say I am pleasantly surprised by it. There are a variety of different products again which I love, and good chance to try new brands.

So this is the first time I have actually tried Primark make up, I mean I have tried their false lashes which are not too bad but that's it.
This is from their PS Pro range and it is the graphic eyeliner - I am quite surprised by this product, I wasn't too sure what to expect with this but so far its not bad. If you are someone who likes to make a statement with you winged eyeliner this will be perfect for you as it has a thick angled pen. For me personally it is a little bit too thick but that is because I only have small eyes so It can look a bit heavy on my eyes, but if you have bigger eyes you will most definitely pull this off. The one thing I have enjoyed with this pen is the black pigment, it is very dark in colour and does dry to a matte finish. It lasts for quite a while too, they do say that this is water resistant and doesn't smudge, but unfortunately this did smudge a little on my eyes. That is the only negative thing I can say about the pen, everything else is all positive!

I have included this Lip parfait from Trifle Cosmetics as a favourite in my latest YouTube video because I just love the texture and packaging by the brand. The product just looks so fun and inviting as soon as you see it.

  To start with I couldn't figure out what this shade was called but after a bit of research I finally found out. This is called exotic fruits (makes sense wen you look at the packaging hey?). This is a very sheer pink/nude colour. When I say sheer I really do  mean that, did you ever go through that stage in your teenage life where you loved the look of applying foundation to your lips and then adding a bit of gloss over to finish the look?
Well if you did or still do this lipstick is a exact lookalike. That is only thing I am not keen on however its not a deal breaker as I have been adding a tint of colour from my other lip products to this and it looks great.
I love the texture of this lip product, it is super creamy and just feels that is doing a grand job of moisturising my lips as well providing a lip colour. It stays soft on the lips with still having a slight matte finish to it. You'll be surprised to hear that this actually lasts a long period of time on your lips too, which I was shocked by especially when testing it on the 1st time as its super creamy and you wouldn't expect that from a cream product. So thumbs up :)

OK so this little duo is a great find from a brand I wasn't aware of. It is the Cream blusher and lip stain from Universal Beauty Cosmetics. I am not a huge fan of cream products for the face, that's probably down the fact that I haven't really had much exposure to them, by that I mean I have not really tried and tested cream products out that much. (My own fault really).

First of all - The packaging is super cute don't you think?
So you open the box to see a little cream blusher in this beautiful dusky pink colour, like I said this is a cream product so just be warned it is soft. I say this because literally a few hours before writing this I  applied this to my cheeks and broke some of the product off the stick. (Its OK though, I can still use this).
Now I love this for my cheeks, it is the perfect shade for my skin tone, if you are fair to medium tone this will work brilliantly for you. To be honest I think it will work well with all skin tones but looks beautiful on fair skin. This blends very well on the skin especially on top of foundation or powder, I find it very easy to use on my cheeks. The only thing I'm not to sure on is using this on my lips, I tried it the once but I just wasn't keen on it, I'm not sure why I just think it works much better as a cheek blush in my opinion.

My new favourite brand next - So we have the Bee Good facial exfoliator. Oh my this brand just keep surprising me with their fantastic natural products. I had a feeling when I opened my box to be welcomed by this product that it would be a great one, and boy was I right!!

This came to me at the perfect time, I have recently suffered a mini break out on my skin. (purely down to being run down after a lot of late nights - oops). I was super excited to give this a whirl. This helps exfoliate, hydrate and calm the skin. Trust me when I say if your skin is having a hard time and you have some sore problematic areas this gentle exfoliator will really help calm your skin. camelina and lavender are the best ingredients to help. This also helps remove dead skin cells and make you feel super refreshed.
(oh also - this is absolutely fine for all skin types, so you guys with sensitive skin - give this a try).

Next up is a product from the Body Shop. It something I have seen some beauty vloggers shout out about. If any of you are aware of Gabby (velvet ghost) on YouTube uses this product. It is the drops of youth concentrate.

This serum softens and brightens the skin so if you are noticing your skin to be a little bit dehydrated this is perfect to apply before you head off to bed. Its soaks into the skin well overnight and you are not left feeling to greasy or oily. The applicator is great as it has a small pipette so you can just pop a couple of drops onto your hands and gently massage into your skin. I love the fact that this isn't too fragranced too. Its a perfect little extra product to add into your night time skin routine.
The only down side for me is that it is a little bit pricey for a serum, but hey ho never mind!

Lastly I have saved the best till last. Now if you watch my YouTube videos you will already know that there was a mystery product to October's box. That is the New Beauty Shampoo. It was decided that a product would be included in the box for us to try without knowing what the brand was. (well we found out after a week or so).

So I thought I had an idea what the brand was at the time of filming.. however I was completely wrong. (obvious). I thought it might have been either Herbal Essences or the Aussie brand. I recognised the sent, but yes I was wrong.

This is an amazing shampoo, it was so annoying when I was using it and not knowing the brand for a little while because I loved it after the first wash. It left my hair smelling amazing, and it left my hair incredibly soft and shiny. I didn't have to wash my hair for 3 days - no joke!! My hair normally gets greasy very quickly and I have to wash it every 3 days!! I wanted to but more of this product straight away.

So you want to know what brand this is right??

OK, OK so it is the new updated bestseller - Head & Shoulders! I was honestly shocked to find this out. I have used their brand before but I'm talking years ago and its never really stood out to me to be honest. I am not sure what they have changed to it but its brilliant. I LOVE IT!

I'll be honest, I didn't really want to say but a couple of weeks ago I struggled a bit with dandruff. I do get this a couple of times a year and its sooo frustrating because I wear a navy uniform for work and it shows up so much on my tops but I struggle to cope with it sometimes. Since using this shampoo I have noticed a difference in my scalp condition.

Head & shoulders is not a expensive brand so if your interested in trying it I advise you go pick up a bottle and see what you think. Let me know your thoughts!!

And that guy's is everything for October's Glossybox. I hope you enjoyed this read! Don't forget to check out my unboxing video below! Let me know your thoughts on the products!

Catch you all soon :)

Byeee x

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