Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hi guy's so I am sorry that this post is a little bit late this time, but I have had a bit of low couple of weeks with feeling tired and a lack of motivation and just hitting a bit of a wall with my blog, but like a lot of bloggers say is that it is fine to have a bit of break, clear your mind of stress and start again with a fresh mind.

Okay so lets talk Glossybox products.....

First of this month box was another special edition with The Editors Choice Red. So the box came in this beautiful crimson red colour filled with plenty of goodies!

So I have included this lip product into my September favourites on my YouTube channel. This is from the organic pharmacy and its a antioxidant lip balm which is infused with Shea butter and rose hip. This lip balm is super nourishing and really does help moisturise chapped list. I have used pretty much most of this product, ( I mean it was only a sample size) I have been applying this morning and night. It has been making any lip product glide on my lips much smoother and leaves a lovely finish to any lipstick. Il admit its a little expensive for a lip product especially when you can pick up Vaseline at a much cheaper price. However this antioxidant lip balm is full of natural ingredients to help restore chapped lips and I do suffer with that through the colder seasons so I will be investing in this for those colder months. :)

Next up is this Rodial Eye liner pencil, I love this it is so pigmented with dark black colour. It has a gel like texture to the pencil making it a smooth application onto the waterline. There is nothing worse than a sharp pencil onto the waterline as it can sometimes feel quite scratchy.

The only thing I'm not sure about yet is how to use this when it becomes blunt, as it isn't a retractable pencil and I'm not sure if you can sharpen this, so I'm yet to try this when it becomes a little blunter.

So next I received the Revlon gel top coat. To be honest this is like any other gel top coat, it isn't any different. Although it does what its supposed to, leaves a lovely shiny finish to any polish. I would recommend using a thin coat over the polish so it doesn't take a long time to dry.

I have wanted to try this mascara for a long long time. It is the two faced, better than sex mascara. Oh my god this is so worth all the hype it gets. The wand on this brush is great, I didn't think I would get on with it very well as its quite a large brush and the bristles are not plastic (I usually prefer plastic).

This gives my lashes so much length and volume but gives plenty of colour too. It makes them appear much bolder but without looking clumpy!
I feel like I'm wearing false lashes when I  have this mascara.
If you haven't tried this already please go a pick it up. You will love it!

Ok so I don't like it when I receive a product I really don't like. But unfortunately I had that this month with this hydro face mask. I love face masks they come in so useful when you need a relaxing, detox night.
So I tried this one night when I knew I had nothing planned for the night so I could take some time out for myself. I ran a lovely bath dropped a lush bath bomb in and took to putting the face mask on.

  Getting the mask out of the packet was hard enough but I'm not going to get onto that. The things I didn't enjoy about this mask is that it says it applies easily and that once its on it doesn't tend to move, well for me it kept slipping down my face and I was forever moving it back into position.
This might just be me, but after about 5 minutes with the mask on my skin started to feel a little itchy. I know I didn't have an allergic reaction to it, but it did make my skin feel a little strange, a bit like a tingly feeling. Not the mask for me!!

Another little mask which was a little bonus this month was the Himalayan charcoal mask, this was a little bit like the loreal detox mask which I love so much! I only had enough for 1 application but that was fine. (It was only a sample).

This left my skin feeling really hydrated after using it. My skin felt smoother and refreshed after taking it all off, I think after using a couple of applications a week you would benefit from this so much especially during the summer season as it has a lovely cool feel while wearing it.
Thumbs up from me!

And that guy's is everything in this month's box. if you want to see me unbox it all take a watch here

What subscription boxes are you signed up to?

Talk soon guy's

Byee x

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