Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hello again, so this months box is one that I have been enjoying using. It has had a couple of products from brands that I am aware of which is nice for once.

The box was a collaboration with Rae Feather where she designed a small pochette bag for this
months box to celebrate their 5th birthday! yay!


OK, so lets chat about the goodies inside. First off is the MUA Eye Shadow Palette. Now I knew I was going to receive this because I got an email about it, and I was able to pick my colour choice. I picked one with more playful colours in but something went wrong in the packing process so they are sending the correct one in September's box. However even though I received a different colour palette, I've still been enjoying using it. This has lovely warm toned shades inside with a mix of matte and shimmer. The pigmentation is great and they last throughout the day too. I've been wearing these shades everyday for work and to be honest this will probably stay as my everyday palette. The best thing is you can pick this up from Superdrug for £4. Such a bargain don't you think?

Next up is a face mask, it is the Mudmasky facial detox purifying recovery mask. Bit of a mouthful but hey.. If your after a good mask but cheap, this is not one for you (or myself if I'm honest). Don't get me wrong this is a great mask but I cant justify paying £59 for it. I mean I have been using the loreal masks and at full price they are £7.99.

The nice thing about this mask is that it does have a thick consistency so you don't need to pile it on as it does spread well. I've only used it a couple of times as it did say use once a week. On the 2 times I have used it, I did feel a small difference on my skin. It did give the appearance of a much healthier glow. If I'm completely honest I cant see a huge difference between this mask and the loreal ones I have too. I am in love with my loreal ones so for me, I would choose those ones over this one I'm afraid!

So I received another cleansing product from the brand Spa to you and it is the Deep pore facial cleansing brush. This is a little gem to add to your morning & evening skincare routine. I mean its not the most expensive but who cares.... It still works :)

This is easy to use, its bristles are very soft and also has small silicone cushions hidden with the bristles which massages the skin and helps buff away any dead skin. I washed my face and then applied a cleanser, followed by using the brush using gentle circular motions. This allowed the cleanser to skin into my skin remove any dirt or makeup. It isn't too harsh on my face its actually nice and soft and it doesn't leave my skin red roar. Just a nice gentle cleansing brush.

The next skincare product is from a brand I am familiar with, its the Wild cow invigorating body lotion from Cowshed. I've heard a lot of good reviews about this brand so I was quite excited to try something from them.

I've nearly finished this already, I think I have the smallest amount left. There is nothing outstanding about this cream as I feel it works the same as a lot of other creams. The best thing about this product is it smells lovely. Its got a mixture of different smells to it, which last a long time on the skin. It has left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, but like I said a lot of creams do. If your a lover of different fragrances it is worth giving it a try especially if you like the smell of ginger and rosemary!

Lastly the final item in the box was designed by Rae Feather to celebrate the birthday of glossybox and it is this really cute pochette. (I call it a mini bag) which is already taken place in my handbag filled with a few bits of make up essentials for the day.

This is a cute design and very relatable to when the Olympics were on too. (The GB logo also resembles Great Britain & Glossybox) Its a really lightweight bag and easy to keep clean inside even when your make up might make a little bit of a mess inside. Why not take a look at Rae's website she has plenty of beautiful bags too.

Talk soon guy's



What do you think to this months box?

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