Thursday, 28 July 2016

Time for another catch up guy's, so today's post is all about Zoella's (Youtuber & beauty blogger) sweet inspirations beauty & skincare range.

if you haven't already seen this range or tried it, I really suggest you do, its pure heaven!!

So I picked up everything from this range apart from the shimmer body fondant as this was out of stock at the time but I will be picking this up soon to try. I picked up all of these products from feelunique but you can also get this from superdrug.

OK, so lets just take a minute to appreciate the beautiful packaging. Its so pretty and looks great in my bathroom. Its one of the reason's I picked up all of the products. Zoe has really put so much thought into the design of these and I really do love the look.

So the first product I was really excited to try was the bath latte, this smells incredible and you only need a small amount added to your bath for it to go a long way. I had heard that when used in the bath it gives so many bubbles and I was really interested to see if it was true, because when you think of a bath/shower milk I think of a really thin consistency and how would that provide a lot of bubbles but it actually does, I didn't have to use any extra bubble bath to get more.


So staying on the subject of products to use in the bath, I picked up the sugar dip bath salts, I'm not a huge fan of bath salts if I'm honest they aren't something I pick up very often but I obviously wanted to give these a try.


These are really small bath salts so I did feel like I had to use more to start with but after a few times of using I reduced the amount. Again these smell amazing, a real girly sweet sent. They dissolve well when added to warm/hot water so I suggest putting them in while the hot tap is on first. (well that's how I do it anyway). The best thing about this product is the packaging, inside the box is a packet which has the salts in with a sticker to keep the packet sealed so they don't all spill everywhere, but the box is something you can keep as its such a pretty design and looks great standing up in your bathroom.

Next up, I picked up the Le Fizz bath fizzers, now you know I'm a lush fan so anything that is along the same lines I will definitely be trying.


So the first thing I will say about these fizzers is you should use about 3-4 squares that way you will get more bubbles in the bath, but other than that they fizz away for a long time and smell really sweet and the smell lasts for a long time on my skin. Again I love the design of this fizz bar it reminds me of those big Cadbury's chocolate bars, and it is something exciting to have sat in the bathroom too.

OK, so next up is the Double crème body lotion, If you want a body lotion that will last a long time in the bottle and on your skin. This is the lotion to try.


So I made the mistake the first time of using this by applying way too much product onto my skin and I was forever rubbing this in. So the next time I used this I used a much smaller amount and worked much better, you literally only need a small amount, its not that it is a thick product but it just goes a long way. It has been leaving my skin super soft and smells fab, you can definitely smell the honey in this cream which is why it smells lovely. 

So this next product is the sweet inspirations body mist. I used this in my last June Favourites video. (you can watch that here)


This is by far the best product out of Zoe's range, I love this body mist so much. I have so many body mists that I take to work with me rather than taking perfume. This has been living in my handbag the past couple of months. I've been using this every single day and I'm just about half way through the bottle. The amount you get (45ml) is a lot for only £8.00 and it lasts forever too.
I love the packaging again and the fact it is in a glass bottle makes it feel very luxurious. The sent reminds me of holidays such a sweet summer sent and I can smell it throughout the day even after spraying first thing in the morning. If I had to recommend one product from this years range it would be this body mist for sure!!!

OK, so the last 2 bits I picked up from the range were the coin purse and the beauty clutch bag.



These are so cute, beautiful designs to each of them, my favourite one is the large beauty bag (believe me when I say large). You can fit so much in the beauty bag as its really deep I think I could even wedge my hair straighteners in there too. (yet to try it). I love the material inside its a lovely pink colour but most importantly you can wipe it clean once you've had all your make up In there. Also the design on the front is so pretty.

The coin purse is also great, although I've not actually used it for coins, I've been putting my little hair accessories in it, like hair bobbles, bobby pins etc. I always find that when I've got to re tie my hair in the day my hair bobbles just snap so I have to carry around a supply of them. This little purse is great for that, so now I don't have to rummage through the bottom of my bag trying to find some.

So guy's those are my thoughts on Zoe's sweet inspirations beauty range. I have to say she has done amazing with this one. I am so impressed.

What's been your favourite from the range? Or what are you excited to try?
Let me know! :)

Talk soon guy's
Byeee x

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