Monday, 11 July 2016

Hey, so it is that time again. yep - another Glossybox review for the month June!
This is how the box came :)

The box came in the usual pink packaging, which I still love the design so simple but pretty! I wasn't really that sure on June's box, reason for this is because I felt it just wasn't that exciting! Saying that thought there were a couple of things that I did enjoy using.

So the first skincare product I took out from the box was the SPA TO YOU KONJAC SPONGE. I wasn't really sure what to think about this to be honest. To me it just looked like one of those exfoliating sponges, but this is supposed to be slightly different as it is the latest cleansing trend from Japan.
The sponge has a rubbery texture so its not a harsh sponge and doesn't leave your skin red roar after using it, which is great. It holds a lot of water as well so there is no need to be constantly running it under water to stop it from going dry. For me I didn't notice a difference in the condition of my skin after using it, it was just a softer sponge in my eyes.

:( So this one I haven't actually been able to review very well. It is the LADIVAL SUN PROTECTION SPRAY. It hasn't been very sunny here in the UK to use it, and even when the sun decided to show its face for a short period I was at work, so I still wasn't able to test it out well.
What I managed to do once though was use it on the sunbeds. This is a SPF 15 cream which helps protect against 4 types of UV rays, apparently not many sun protectors offer that. The great thing about this spray is that when I used it, it sinks into the skin well and doesn't leave the skin feeling oily and greasy. It is also ideal for anyone with sensitive skin as this is a non - perfumed spray too.

Staying on the subject of the sun, the next skincare product is the DE BRUYERE AFTER SUN LOTION. So this came in a full size which is great. So this lotion is designed to help prolong your summer tan, and I have to say for me it has been working. I have been applying this mostly after tanning on the sunbeds. I do feel like I have more of a bronze glow to my skin, but not just that it works wonders as a body moisturiser. After tanning the obvious areas like elbows, knees and feet tend to be a little drier but using this lotion has helped keep those areas moisturised. :)

This also smells gorgeous too, it doesn't have that normal after sun smell. (you know what I mean, Aloe Vera?)
Smells like coconut!!
..... Oh and just look at the packaging of this bottle, what's not to love!

A little bonus product next, It is the AUSSIE 3 MINUTE RECONSTRUCTOR CONDITIONER. So this was a little added extra into the box. I love all of the Aussie hair care products, they are 100% worth the money as they are on the more expensive side. So this came as a little sample packet, but I did manage to get 3 uses out of this so I thought that was pretty good!

So the idea with this is to use after you have used shampoo. Leave on for 3 minutes and then wash out and it leaves your hair feeling more hydrated and lovely and smooth.

Guess what? It does exactly that. I will always trust this hair brand as every time I have used their products my hair always feels incredibly soft and much healthier.

So I was quite excited about this next skincare product. It is the ORIGINS - GINZING REFRESHING EYE CREAM. I love this eye cream. I will admit I have never really been one for purchasing eye creams. Don't ask me why though!!

So this is designed to brighten the eye area and help reduce any puffiness. This works!!
I have been struggling with falling asleep quite late at night and waking in the morning and my eyes feeling quite dull and dark! This feels really cool when you apply it and that's down to its gel like formula which I like when applying around my eyes. I do notice a difference after I've used this I don't feel like my eyes are as swollen and they do appear a little bit brighter on the skin underneath.

The only down side... why such a small size??

The last product from the box is some make up, it is the EMITE LIP & CHEEK TINT. Oh  I hate to say I haven't enjoyed using a product out of a box, but unfortunately this was the one I really didn't get on with. If you watched my unboxing video you will see why, but the worst thing about this product is the formula and the fact that it dries very quickly, and it leaves a stain before you've managed to blend this. It does work a little bit better as a lip tint but even then I felt like a vampire that had stained lips, because of the colour.

If your using this as a lip tint, be aware that you will need to apply more than one coat as it is quite a thin consistency. For me this product isn't one I would go back to again. :(

So that is my review on the June Glossybox.

If you want to see my unboxing for this video watch it here

What were your favourites this month? Let me know :)

Talk soon guy's

byeeee x

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