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Hi everyone, this week's post is another collaboration with the lovely Mia Martinez (M.I.A MAKEUP). Mia and I have been writing a few collaboration post's for a while now and we have decided to do another one. Mia also has a channel on YouTube and a great Instagram page which you should definitely check out. All of her accounts are linked below, be sure to check out her latest post too as we are both talking about Spring favourites.

Mia's Instagram here
Mia's YouTube Channel here

So I have been loving the spring this year, why you ask?
Well the weather's been so good recently, that I have been shopping a lot and spending too much money on things I LOVE. ( But I don't really need).

So I am obsessed with denim at the moment, I counted my jeans out the other day and I have 19 pairs of jeans. Would you say that's too many??
But hey, that doesn't stop me buying more. These jeans from Gap are a recent purchase, Ive had now for a good few weeks and I have literally been living in them.

These are the Gap Sexy Boyfriend Fit ripped effect jeans. They are incredibly comfy and such a great fit, I even went into a smaller size than what I am originally and there is still plenty of give. Amazing!! These are rolled up at the bottom so just sitting above the ankle so go well with all types of footwear.
The ripped jeans look is so on trend at the moment that I'm thinking of getting more like these. Perfect for the spring/summer seasons.

I love, love, love these trainers - oh my I'm obsessed with these too!!

These are the Puma Suede Mono Iced trainers in Pastel green! Again pastels are on trend at the moment, such pretty colours!! I wasn't intending on buying any trainers, but I was shopping with the parents at the time and I tried them and thought "No Sam you really don't need these".
Dad said " Go on Sam just treat yourself"
I said "Yeah why not"
As you can gather I didn't need much persuading here at all!!

These are so comfy, they are just like wearing slippers, and they look great with the jeans above. I picked these up for £55 so I think that is pretty reasonable for trainers, don't you think?
Again I have been living in these when I've not been at work!! I don't think I will get bored of these for a long time!!

And I am looking forward to wearing these with some new denim pieces I have purchased recently. Be sure to keep an eye for my next post!! (Just a hint there).

Next up is a perfume, now this was in my March favourites video on youtube, and I've been wearing nearly everyday. It's from next, its called Just Pink.This isn't that expensive at all, only £12.
It comes in such pretty packaging and smells glorious. Its just a sweet smell that sticks with you most of the day.

To say I have been using this nearly everyday for the past few months, it has lasted a long time and I'm only half way through. How great is that!! I think this a great perfume to get if your on a little bit more of a budget and don't wish to spend a lot on those mega expensive perfumes!! Next also offer plenty of other fragrances too so you wont be stuck for choice at all.

Last up is of course a make up product, there will always be a beauty product in one of these favourites!

This is another new purchase from the past few weeks, and I wasn't too sure how I would get on with this as I've not used products from bourjois before but I have been really pleased with this. It is the bourjois healthy mix foundation. I think I have found my new go to foundation. Ive been using this everyday for work and it has kept its flawless finish all day without becoming shiny.

It blends into my skin really well and leaves a great coverage too. I don't have to use a lot of product to get a full coverage, more often than not I use one and half pumps of product. Which is what I look for in the warmer seasons because I hate having heavy make up on, it just feels like its slowly sliding off my face!

And that guy's, is my post of my Spring favourites, I hope you enjoyed the read.

What are your spring favourites this year?

Now head over to Mia's blog to see her Spring favourites here

Talk soon

Byeeee x

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  1. Love this post! I should do one like this too! About summer maybe! I will think about it! You have a very nice blog in general! go go girl!


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