Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hello again everyone, so it's that time of month where I let you know what I thought to all the products that came through in April's Glossy box. so here we go, this is what came inside...

So when I filmed my unboxing of this month's box I wasn't too sure how I would get on with it as it didn't feel that exciting, but I found a couple of little gems in the box.

So to start with the first thing I picked out is the STYLondon Temporary Tattoo's. Now I will be honest I haven't used these yet. I haven't really had a place to go where I can use them and I don't just fancy putting them on and then going to work in them. I would get some strange looks there, plus I have to have my own tattoo's covered up anyway. So my idea is to use these in the summer for like the festival season. The one thing I do like about them so far is the design and patterns of them, they are white in colour with gold detailing in them which I think is really pretty.

If you fancy getting yourself some of these pick them up here for £5.99

Next up we have the Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil. I have been using this for the past week, if I'm completely honest I haven't seen a huge difference in my skin, I don't feel like it has given me a hydrated complexion if anything I feel like its made my skin a little bit more oily. I've been finding that the next day after using this that my make up is literally sliding of my face before half the day is over. I think this is a good product to use over the winter months when your skin may be a little drier but right now this isn't really working for me, which is a shame because it seems that this product is the main hype of the box.

If you fancy trying this, why not pick it up here for £28.00

This next product is a great bit of make up. It is the Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner.  So when I opened this I really wasn't too sure. It felt so scratchy when I tried it on my hand and the highlighter didn't seem to show up on my skin very well. However since persevering with it the past week I'm actually really impressed. The brown shade is a perfect match for my eyebrows and leaves my brows with a perfect natural look. I am able to shape my brow's with pencil too and then use the highlighter to define them a little more. I think the highlighter could do with being a little lighter or even having a little shimmer in just so its a little more obvious. The only down side to this brow liner is that pretty soon I will have to sharpen it, and as you will all know by now I'm not a fan of that I much prefer and liner that is a twist end!

Fancy giving this Brow liner a go? Check it out here for £22.00

So we have the Next Make Me Beautiful Lip Chubby. I was quite surprised to see this in the box, mainly because I didn't expect to get a make up product from Next.
 This is a sheer chubby stick and the colour I got was hot pink. It is definitely bright pink too, its a lovely colour and it will be great to wear more in the summer. I've only had a couple of wears from it but it is very moisturising, and leaves a lovely finish. I did have to reapply a couple of times throughout the day but to be honest with most lipsticks you have to at some point in the day, right?

The great thing about this crayon is that is a twist top so they is plenty of product inside and it is easy to keep clean too.

Want to wear this shade for summer, take a look here £8.00

Finally the last product in April's box is the Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist. So I am not a fan of this at all. I don't find it works. So I did one coat of polish and let that dry for a minute and then applied another coat, after that I used the miracle mist at 15cm away from my nails. I gave in a few seconds and then touched them very lightly and they smudged and left my finger print marks, so for me this didn't work at all.
It will be interesting to see if other people experienced this as well?

If you want to give this a go, pick it up here £11.00

Want to see my 1st impressions of April's glossy box see here

So guy's those are my thoughts on April's box, I hope you enjoyed  the read and hey, feel free to comment below, what did you think of this months box?

Talk soon guy's

Byeee x

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  1. lovely items! hope you will do a review on each


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