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Hello again, time for another catch up about last month's beauty box. I was expecting a fancy box for march seeing as though it was the Easter month, but it was actually the normal pink packaging, but that wasn't a issue at all you just sometimes imagine things will be different other months but I guess for February the packaging was aimed around valentines day so I cant expect too much.

So this month's box is all about a spring refresh and getting that fresh glow back to your skin, lets be honest we've all missed that through the winter months! :) So the box included some fab skin products to help us get that glow back!

So to start I had the Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream. A mouthful that one ha! So this came in a mini travel size, and I'm not surprised why because for a full size it can seem expensive to some people, well it did to me anyway. Saying that if I can get some sort of deal on this I will definitely be purchasing it. I love it! So this helps to fade discolouration from the skin, and dark spots, and also helps even out skin tone. I can 100% say that this has helped lighten my skin tone up especially dark spots, I do have a few small scars from spots and the cream has really helped lighten the colour of them, so if I'm not wearing make up they aren't as noticeable as before. (Thumbs up)
I have been using this product both mornings and night in my normal skin routine, the consistency of the cream is just perfect. It isn't too thick and it sinks into the skin really well, my skin feels much more hydrated. The smell as well is just amazing, it smells really sweet and it lasts for a long time too. I must say I'm impressed. This is by far the best product I have received so far out of all the Glossy boxes.

Want to give this a try, take a look here

Next up is another skin care product and that is the Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum. This came as a travel size tube. As you may have guessed by the name this is a serum that is made with two natural ingredients by bee's, which is honey and propolis. So I have been using this as a cream before applying my make up base, so kind of using it as a primer as it has been leaving a really nice glow to my make up, but not coming across shiny at all. This serum is really light on the skin making it perfect for all skin types especially sensitive skin. If you like honey you will love the smell of this serum as that is all you can smell. Overall this is a good product to use as part of your morning skin routine :)

If your interested in this product, check it out here

These next products are hair care, well a shampoo & conditioner. That is the -417 Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm still using these products at the moment and to be honest I'm not sure what my true thoughts are on them. I don't find they work for me in all ways. So with the shampoo I'm finding that it doesn't lather up very well. I've been using a generous amount in my hair but I don't feel like it spreads very well. It does wash it well but I just don't feel like I'm getting the most from it. It has the combination of dead sea moisture balancing minerals so maybe that's why it doesn't lather well, I would say it has left my hair hydrated but not gleaming and lustrous like it claims to.
The conditioner is not my favourite at all. I have never used a conditioner that is so watery, and this is. (not great in my eyes). You leave this is in for 5 minutes and then wash out after that time, and it helps towards leaving the hair shiny and smooth, but I'm just not seeing those results right now, which is a shame because the ingredients in this product should help. However a good point for these products is they do smell really nice, you can smell the aloe Vera in the conditioner which is great.
If I notice a difference after finishing these I'll be sure to let you know.

Check out the shampoo here
Check out the conditioner here

Now this next product is make up but I actually already own this product, it is the Collection Speedy Highlighter. This is in the shade pearl sheen 01. This is such a great little highlighter I do use this a lot already so it's great to receive another one. It's a twist stick so no need for sharpening or anything like that. The colour from this is brilliant it gives a really nice natural glow once blended in. I find the best way to apply this is to use the stick to apply to the area's you want to and then using your fingers to warm the product and blend, it works much better than using a brush. I've still not finished using the one I purchased and I have had that for a long time so it is definitely worth picking one up, it's cheap, you can get it from the drugstore and the colour from it is beautiful.

Want one? pick it up here

Finally the last product/tool is a make up brush. It is the Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504. So this is a full sized brush which is great, I love brushes, to be honest I don't have enough so this was also a favourite for me. This brush is perfect for contouring/ highlighting and strobing. This is 100% cruelty free, so if you look for that in your tools or products then give these brushes a try. The actual brush is super soft so applying product works really well with this brush and its just the right size. I love the colour of the brush too, I think pink and rose gold is such a trendy colour at the moment, just perfect for any girls brush collection.

Fancy getting one? See here

So that's all the products that came in March's box, some good products this month, my favourite has to be the Olay cream. Hope you guy's enjoyed reading this weeks post. If your interested in trying out Glossy box here is the link glossybox

If you want to see my reactions to the products when I opened the box here is the link Glossybox Unboxing

Let me know what you think of the product's if you've tried them or if you just want to chat :) 

Talk soon 

Byeee x


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