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Hello again, so this week's post is another collaboration with the lovely Mia Martinez (M.I.A MAKEUP). You may have read a few post's that we have joined together on. Mia also has a channel on youtube and a great Instagram page. All of her accounts are linked below, be sure to check out her latest post too as we are both talking about our top tips for relaxation.

Mia's Instagram here
Mia's Youtube Channel here

So I am going to let you know what I use to help keep me relaxed. Yes I am one of those people that get stressed very easily and I let everything get on top of me and before I know it, I'm a emotional mess. Everybody suffers with stress and we all deal with it in our own way, I've always struggled to find a way of keeping myself calm in stressful situations so in the past few months I have been on the look out for different ways to help me, so myself and Mia wanted to share our own tips with you.

So the first thing that I find always helps at the end of the day is to have a long soak in the bath, preferably with a lush ball too. But I will pop on some candles in the bathroom and apply a facial skin mask and just have a long soak while catching up on my favourite youtube video's. I find this just allows me to relax and forget things for a little while and just enjoy some time to myself. Listening to some of your favourite music always helps too. I don't really like complete silence as this just gives me time to think about things and to be honest I am a BIG over thinker, so to avoid this I find having something on in the background helps. I tend to have a good 30 minutes to 1 hour in the bath, sounds a long time but I think we owe that to ourselves if we've been working hard all day. :)

Now I'm not a big book reader at all, but recently I decided to try a calming book that I'd seen some good reviews on. Like I said over the past few months I have been struggling with a lot of stress and just general unhappiness down to a lot of different situations and to be honest I'm still going through things but I wanted to give this book a try. I was also finding that I was struggling to fall asleep easily as I tend to  put the TV on and I cant wind down, so a friend suggested that I should try and read before bed which would help me relax and feel sleepy. So I purchased the CALM book. So the book is designed to help take back a little bit of peace, space, and all-important time for yourself!! 
'Be calm. Be free. Be yourself'
I go to this book most nights, and read different parts each time, it has inspirational quotes, little hints & tips. You can jot things down like thoughts for the day or best part's of your day and so much more. The fact it has a variety of different things to do and read keeps me focused on the book. Reading before bed without the TV on has really helped me relax and wind down, Ive noticed that I don't have as many broken sleeps as I used to, so this will be a big part of my routine!

Want to give this book a read, you can pick it up here

Finally the last thing I use to help myself relax is another new purchase, I thought of this after one of my friends showed me that she uses it. That is the adult colouring book, to be honest they have been around for a while as my mum also has these but I didn't really understand the point in using them unless you were into art. Oh how I was wrong, I decided to give it a go after my friend said that it has helped her relax and take a bit of time away from social media. I picked up the Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom colouring book, it has very detailed pictures in. I never thought I would find colouring relaxing, to be honest I thought I'd be bored. I find I loose track of time, I just sit on the sofa with the book and a pack of colouring pencils and colour away!! Try it, it works for me :)

Take a look at the other ranges or pick one up here

So these are my little tips to help keep you relaxed, leave a comment if you have any other tips or even if you just want to chat! Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check Mia's post out too Mia

Talk soon

Byeee x


  1. Ahhhh snap! I absolutely love my adult colouring book as well! Great post hun :) xx

  2. Great post i have never seen an adult coloring book before


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