Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hi guy's welcome back to another post, so a couple of weeks ago I went up to Liverpool to see my brother for his 21st birthday and happened to do a little bit of shopping for myself as you do! (oops).
Where was the first shop I happened to walk into you ask... well it had to be Lush of course :)

I was so chuffed when I walked into the Lush store in Liverpool it is much bigger than the one in Lincoln which is to be expected as Liverpool is a much bigger city!! But it meant there was more choice for me, also meaning I spent more money.

Anyway on to what I actually bought.....

So I didn't go overboard as I did have a few left over from my last visit into Lush, but I did get a couple that I hadn't tried before.

So to start with I picked up a favourite of mine that I pick up all the time and that's the 'Milky bar bubble bar' - so with the bubble bars you just crumble bits off under running warm water and let the bath fill with bubbles. (Little tip - Start the bath with hot water and crumble the bar into the bath then gradually add cold water, saves burning your fingers under the hot tap while trying to crumble the bubble bar - if you get me). I find this is the best bubble bar for creating big long lasting bubbles, and it smells amazing. 

The next two bubble bar's I've not used before and wanted to give them a try and they are - 'Big bang bubble bar' and the 'Unicorn Horn bubble bar'. I love the colours of both bars the Unicorn horn reminds me of refresher sweets with all the colours. The big bang bubble bar just stands out to me and after seeing pictures all over Instagram it looks amazing in the bath. I cant wait to use both of these. 

Lastly I purchased four bath bombs, again all four of these are ones I hadn't used before. So I am looking forward to seeing which ones are going to be favourites of mine.

So we've got the 'Yoga bomb' 'Twilight' 'Frozen' and 'Lover Lamp'.

So 'Yoga bomb' is one I am definitely looking forward to trying, I've heard a lot of people talk about nearly skipping this bomb because it just looks plain and boring, but apparently it leaves your bath full of a beautiful orange and gold colour, but also surprising you with colours such as purples and turquoises, but also smells amazing.

Now I know that the Frozen bath bomb has been out for a while but I was never really drawn to this, maybe because it's based around the film Frozen and to be honest I haven't even seen that yet. HA maybe this bomb will inspire me too. (You never know). Ive also heard good things about the colour of this bomb, mainly about how blue it is, so I will give it a whirl!

Twilight bomb, well this one was recommended by a member of staff in the Liverpool store (which I could remember her name) she was really helpful. So I struggle to get myself into bed and relaxed early and fall asleep, I just cant seem to go to bed early it always ends up being midnight, even past that sometimes. So after having a conversation about that I was shown the twilight bath bomb and shown it fizz about in some water, and oh my the smell and colours were fantastic. One of it's main ingredients is Lavender which helps to calm and relax you so she said I should give this a try and see how I get on so I'm looking forward to giving this a try after a long day at work and see if it helps with sending me off to sleep a bit earlier.

Lastly the Lover Lamp bomb, this bomb seems so gentle and relaxing, but smells incredible, like chocolate and vanilla. It has beautiful red hearts around the bomb as well which I believe are very moisturising for the skin, so this one sounds like my cup of tea :)

So that is my recent Lush haul for you guy's to see hope you enjoyed the read, comment below and let me know what your favourites are at the moment or even let me know of some others to try!

If you want to see some more products check out Lush here

Talk soon guy's

Byeeeee x


  1. lovely blog♥
    my favourite is yoga bomb:)

    1. Thank you for your comment lovely! 😊 I will soon have another lush spree going up with new products :) xx


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