Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hi guy's today's post is a small one. A couple of weeks ago one of my close friends tagged me in a photo on Instagram of some new primers by the range Collection. She knows me too well to know what make up brands I like. :) 
As you do I went and had a look at the new products, I love trying different primers as I do struggle with my skin becoming shiny later throughout the day so I'm always looking for different ones to try out. 
So anyway the one I decided to try was the Prime and Ready mattifying pore minimiser primer by Collection.

I have found myself reaching for this primer everyday since I bought it. The great thing about this primer is that it is a transparent gel like texture and as soon as you apply to your skin and blend in, it drys instantly so there's no need to wait for it to set before applying a foundation. It also contains witch hazel which is a natural anti-bacterial ingredient to help keep your skin clear of blemishes which is always a added bonus to a primer. This also helps hydrates the skin. I must admit I can't say that I've noticed any difference in the blemish side of my skin, but I can say that my skin does feel more hydrated and not as dry after using this. 

Most importantly I feel like this primer has helped controlled the shine I often get throughout the day when wearing make-up. I mean it hasn't stopped it completely and to be honest I'd be surprised if I could find something that would, but at the moment I'm pretty pleased with how this works. I'd say since using this primer my skin stays matte for a couple more hours than usual before it starts to shine in the common areas (T-zone). It also helps my make-up application much smoother, leaving a lovely matte finish. 

This is a great little primer to add to your make-up collection if you like a matte finish to your make up, but your not wanting to spend to much. This is £4.99 (bargain eh?). Its a drugstore product and you pick up from your local stores such as Boots or Super drug. 

Take a look here

Let me know if any of you have tired any of Collections new primers, and if you have what you think?

Talk soon

Byeeeee x


  1. Great review sounds like a great product to try

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment :) It really is, I love most of the product's from Collection! x


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