Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hey guy's it's that time again where I share my thoughts on January's glossy box. So this is my 2nd box now and I could not wait until it came, it was great to receive some goody's this month as January can be one of those funny months, sometimes it just drags and can be a little boring so it has been great to try out some new products this month... 

  So the box was slightly different this month because last month was the December Rose Gold edit and the design was different. I think the design of the box this month is normal for Glossy box but still looks great.

 Anyway what you really want to know about is the products that came inside. So we will start off with the 1st thing and that is UNANI DERMO DEFENSE FACE MASK. This is said to care for your skin and keep it protected. I love this product, I really enjoy using face mask's whatever the brand is, but the best thing about this one is it is more water based when you apply it to your face so it is really easy to apply and drys quite quickly as well as drying clear. You only need to leave on for ten minutes and rinse off with plenty of water. Ive been using this twice a week with my usual skincare routine and I really have noticed a difference in my skin, it has felt smooth all week and I've found my make up has been much easier to apply. My skin feels really fresh and the few dry areas I have on my face (around my nose) has nearly disappeared. This is recommended for sensitive skin which I actually don't have, I am more of combination skin really, but if you do have sensitive skin I would definitely recommend you trying this. The other great thing about receiving this was it is in a full size tube which is 100ml, so it will last me for a little while longer.
You can pick this up for £11.36 from HERE

Next up is MADARA CELLULAR REPAIR SERUM. So this product is for all skin types and its a serum that's boots hydration and radiance to your skin, also reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I'll admit I'm not 100% sure about this product yet it says to apply mornings and evenings but because it isn't full size I found I couldn't get a lot of use out of it, I only got about 2 and a half days worth from it and I don't feel like that is enough time to give you guys a true opinion. However I will say that when I did use it that my face felt smoother and little more hydrated. Its also a nice texture and smells great (like cucumbers). I think I said that when I opened it in my video. 
If you guy's want to give it a go, pick a full size bottle up HERE

This one is a big favourite of mine this month - even included in my January favourites video on youtube. That is the TEEEZ COSMETICS OASIS GEM LIPSTICK. First thing is the packaging 'oh my' its so funky. Easy to use to with its twist & turn style pen. But the actual product itself is lovely, the colour is beautiful its in the shade 'Coral Onyx. Its pigmented really well and lives up to its statements of highly pigmented coverage, and 8 hours long lasting. This lipstick also helps nourish your lips as it has coconut oil in, and you can tell by it's texture as its really creamy but drys matte leaving a nice satin finish. I didn't find that I was having to re apply all the time as it really did keep its coverage throughout the day. Much love for this lipstick, I will definitely be buying some more, and in other colours too. 
Go and have a browse, maybe even click buy HERE

Next up is the EMITE MICRONIZED POWDER BLUSH. This blush can also be used as a bronzer after reading up a little bit about it. For me I have used it more so as a contour because the shades is a  little bit too dark for a blush. I received the shade 108 which unfortunately doesn't have a name, but it is a nice warm shade, great for the cold winter months. Ive enjoyed using this as it's very pigmented so I've not had to use a lot, and trust me when I say that, because the last thing you want to do is what I did the first time I used it. I basically dabbed the brush a little too hard, I didn't tap the product off, and yes ended up with A LOT of product across my face. 
Its also a full size product so again with this one it will last me quite a while.
Interested in trying take a look HERE

Finally the last product I have is the GLOSSY BOX EYE SHADOW. This is a exclusive glossy box satin eye shadow in the shade glossy mauve. The best way to describe it is a deep purple with a touch of silver. Like a smokey purple. I have been loving the purple eye shadow look recently. I even uploaded a video of how I achieve it myself. I have blue eyes so I think applying purple shades really compliments the colour of my eyes. With this eye shadow you can apply it dry or wet. Applying it with a wet brush will give you more of a dramatic look. Personally I prefer using it dry as I like the finish. Either way the colour is really pretty. Again this shadow is full size so I'm sure it will stay in my collection for a while. 
Take a look HERE

And that guy's is January's Glossy box, im really pleased with it this month. There are some great products and my favourite is definitely the Teeez Cosmetics lipstick. If you want to check out Glossy box here is the link.

Also dont forget to check out my youtube channel where you can see me open the box and my first impressions of the products. In fact let me take you straight there - Glossy box (January edition)

If you want to talk about the products or just chat leave a comment :)

Talk soon

Byeeeee x

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