Friday, 18 December 2015

Hi guys, I hope your all enjoying the festive season so far, so close to Christmas only 1 week to go. ahhhh.

 So today I am doing another collaboration post with Mia Martinez who I joined with last month aswell, this time we are both talking to you about our winter must have's. Mia is talking about her 5 beauty essentials and I will be talking about my 5 homeware and clothing essentials. I have linked Mia's blog at the end so please go and have a read, Mia is also new to youtube like myself so have a wonder over at her channel too.

So my first winter essential has got to be Christmas fragrance candles and reed diffusers, so I bought  these from Avon, if your unsure what Avon is, it is a book that is brought round every couple of weeks from a local rep which sells all beauty, skincare homeware and clothing products. 

 These are in the fragrance warming spice, your typical winter Christmas smell, like spicy cinnamon.

I love lighting candles in the winter season it makes the house smell amazing and it just makes a room nice and cosey, the best thing about candles in a tin is that you can put the lid on after you've used it and hide away the black marks that sometimes appear around the edge. 
I also love having diffusers in the house, they last a long time and there are some amazing sent's out there too that certainly last a long time, but the best sent I would choose to have over winter and Christmas is a spicy or woody sent. For the tin candle i paid £4 and the diffuser I paid £5 for.

For my next winter must have, it is actually a drink which I spoke about in my last youtube video (November favourites).

It is the best hot drink to have over winter, I love this so much more with a bit of squirty cream, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles, however if I had it everyday im sure my teeth would fall out with all that sugar. But oh my, I just love hot chocolate and cadbury's is the best one out there, you can pick this up from most supermarkets for a couple of pounds, but definatley try it with all the works just like I did..

Next up is a good warm throw/blanket, and im sure most of you would agree you always need one of these to snuggle up with on those cold winter nights. This one that I have shown I have had a while so unfortunately I cant remember where I bought it from but there are so many in different shops you wouldn't struggle to find one. 

Grab a good book or magazine, snuggle up on the sofa with your hot chocolate and your best throw, just perfect for those cold winter nights :).

My next winter must have's are my ugg boots, I live in these over winter, they are the most comfiest boots EVER!!

So the grey knitted ugg boots I have had for 6 years.. wow 6 years thats a long time for some boots and they dont even look well worn but they have been through flood water and mud and everything and I still love them! The brown ones are new for this year so im hoping that they last just as long, they keep my feet so warm and there just easy to slip on with some jeans, leggings or anything really. They are a bit more of an expensive boot but you can pick these up from a few different stores like office, or house of Fraser.

So if you dont already know I have an obsession with knitwear and to finish this post off, I have got 2 of my favourite knitted cardigans that I have been loving recently.

So these two items of clothing I love at the moment the first one is a brown wrap around long cardigan with a small tie around it, with the weather being a little milder its nice to wear with a long sleeved top and this over the top aswell. This is from a little independent clothing store in my local town. The next one is a sleeveless baggy fringed cardigan from fat face which is just great I love this, again easy to throw on with any casual outfit, and they both go well with the ugg boots I wear all the time.
 Everyone loves knitwear in winter!! 

So these are my top five homeware and clothing items throughout winter. I hope you all enjoyed reading through and now its time for you to head over to Mia's blog and check out her winter beauty essentials. 

Let us know what your winter essentials are...

Talk soon

Byeeeee x

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