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Hi guy's, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and father Christmas brought you all some lovely gifts, I certainly did! :)  I love this time of year as all the family gets together and you can all just chill out eat lots of food and enjoy some festive drinks, and we all need that down time at least once a year!! 

Anyway today's post is for you guys to see what I thought of this month's glossy box The Rose Gold edit, as some of you may know this was my 1st months subscription as I am new to receiving the beauty box and I am hoping to continue with it for a while. So I recently filmed a video on youtube where I showed you what was in the beauty box, and I said that I would review the products and share with you what I thought about them all. So this is what this months box looked like, and what was inside, take a peek....

So you can see on the left side once I had taken the outside packaging this was how the box looked a beautiful pink/copper colour, and then once I delved inside it was full of these goodies inside, so 1st off i had a little welcome card just introducing me to Glossybox and how it works and the different social media places I could follow them on. This edition was a collaboration with beauty blogger Really Ree, so she has a had a input into the products in this months box. Inside they included a little book where Really Ree has spoken about the products, and left links and prices so you can check out full size's. 

So what are all the goodies you ask, well.....

firstly the star skin mask was the first product on show, now I've not actually seen or heard of these before, obviously I know what facial and skin mask's are but just this brand I hadn't seen, so this particular one was a firming bio-cellulose second skin mask, this is said to be intensely nourishing, intensely lifting, immediately smoothing, elasticity restoring, and radiance boosting. The mask was also soaked in a serum too. The first thing I would say is because the mask was covered in serum it did make it a little harder to remove from the packaging and unwrap and apply to the face but once I managed that I left it on for about 20-25 minutes. I could definitely  feel this working, considering the mask has a lot of serum on it, you would think it would gradually start sliding of your face but it didn't, I would say it was setting but not to the point that it was stuck to my face. It felt very cool and refreshing on my skin, and after removing it my skin did feel hydrated and smooth. 
You can pick these up for £8.50 from selfridges, and they offer different types of masks too.

The next product I was drawn to was the Essence liquid Lipstick, and this is in the colour 'Show off'. Its is a beautiful pink/coral colour. Now I'm not one for wearing a lip-gloss so I was quite suprised when I realised it was actually a liquid lipstick, as I have never tried one before so this was new to me. So the consistency of the lipstick is quite thick so it gives you a great coverage and finish. I wore this for my works Christmas party and I am a BIG fan. This stayed on pretty much the whole of the night without having to re-apply, and I was eating, drinking, talking singing and it stayed. It didn't smudge I really was shocked because I did expect to look at photo's the next day to find it was half way across my face. These little gems are affordable at just £2.50 and you can pick them up from the essence website right here and in different colours too...

Next up is another favourite for me and that is the So Susan statement skin highlighter pencil. I have been using so many different highlighters at the moment especially over the Christmas season for all those Christmas party's and meals it is a great piece of make up to be applying. So the packaging that this pencil comes in is just lovely really draws you in. It is a twist pencil which I am also a huge fan of as sharping a pencil is my worst nightmare, just one thing I cannot stand! So this is fab that when it becomes a little blunt all you have to do is twist the bottom of the stick and you get more from it. The shape of the stick also makes applying much easier. The pigment from this highlighter is great, you get a lot of shine with just using the smallest amount so will certainly last you a long time. All I do when I use it is brush the pencil just above my cheek area, down the centre of my nose and a little onto my cupids bow and gentle rub in with my finger and it works perfectly and lasts all night! Just brilliant. You can pick this up from the website So Susan for £15 and that is for a full size pencil. Check it out here.

This next product that was included in the beauty box is the etre belle golden skin caviar eye roll on. A bit of a mouthful I know, I see this as quite a luxury product for myself as it isn't something I would purchase myself and wouldn't really think about spending money on something like this but I am slowly coming round to the idea that it might actually be worth purchasing in the future when this runs out. It is a roll on liquid gel used for under the eye for when the skin feels a little dehydrated or tired. Ive been using this everyday maybe two or three times as well. It is handy to just throw in your handbag and carry around all the time, its great if your at work and feeling a little tired, or over this Christmas time and you've been having a lot of late nights its great for those mornings when your feeling a little worse for wear and your skins feeling it too, or even if you have taken a walk outside into the cold, wind and rain. It is so refreshing and really does feel great on the skin. My little tip I've found handy for myself is to apply a little before going to sleep after your night time skin routine I feel its a little treat for under the eyes to help your skin feel nourished and hydrated before you nod off. You can purchase this for £30.66 for a full size from their website.

This little treat is the L'occitane Shea face comforting oil, This is a new product to the L'occitane range so it really is a treat to all glossybox subscribers. This product helps nourish, repair and protect the skin. It comes in a small bottle with a pipette applicator so you can use a few drops at a time, all I used this product in the evening after I have completed my night time skin routine and I just put a couple of drops in my hand rub it in a little and then smooth over my skin on my face, I am happy with this product so far as I expected it to leave my skin quite greasy but so far it hasn't, it leaves a light and glowy finish and by the morning my skin soaks it up nicely but still feels smooth the next day and I find that's down to it having the Shea oil in it. You can pick this up from the L'occitane website for £29 for a full sized bottle.

*This is a new product to their range and currently not available on the site but keep an eye out by checking the website.,83,1,29921,277736.htm

Lastly the final product is the collection long lasting nail effects nail polish, I have so many different nail polishes from different brands so it is always hard for one particular one to stand out, this polish is a good one and they come in so many different colours to, the one I have in my box is the 'touch of glamour' this colour is a pale pink/silver glitter polish perfect for the Christmas period to give your nails a touch of sparkle. I will be honest I haven't really used this yet as I have already had my nails done for Christmas but I did use it on a nail clip display to see what it was like, like any other polish you will want to apply a couple of coats to your nails to get a full coverage but it does leave a lovely finish. This are really affordable polishes available from superdrug in store or online for only £2.99

And that is everything for this months beauty box, I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to comment and let me know what you thought, if you have tried these products before or what you think of glossybox if you already subscribe. If you don't already you can subscribe to glossybox for £10 a month plus £3.25 postage and packaging.

Take a look - HERE

Check out my video where I open this box to show you the products - HERE

Talk soon guys

Byeeeeeee x

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