Monday, 30 November 2015

Hi guys, so today's post is about my new favourite eye shadow palettes by the make up brand Seventeen. The last couple of months I have been loving this brand and have found myself purchasing all of their new products recently, you will have seen that in my last video if you catch up with me on there. :)


So Seventeen recently launched these 2 beautiful 'Easy on the eye' eyeshadow palettes. One is called the big smoke and the other called birthday suit, each one contains 8 matte shimmer and pearl powders, 3 metallic cream colours and 1 eye primer. They both have a dual ended applicator, a large mirror and get the look guide included in each set. 

I have to say even though I've not used every single shade in both of these sets my favourite palette is the birthday suit, reason for that is because of the warm neutral shades in this one, I'm not one for the big bold colours, however don't get me wrong I will try them and use them occasionally but I much prefer warmer colours. You do get a nice variety of shades in each set so I think they are definitely worth getting especially for the party season as they have the beautiful shimmer shades in. The great thing about these sets is they do have all of the names for the shades on the back of the sets so if your someone who likes to know names of shades or you do tutorials on YouTube and want to share the names of them you can by simply looking on the back. 

The colours in each set do show up well, however I find that the matte shimmer shades you do have to pack a little more on so you get the full effect of them. The cream colours are just brilliant. The cream isn't too thick so it makes it nice and easy to apply but still holding the colour well, but they also last a long time well so no need to worry about it creasing or coming off within an hour or so.

 'The big smoke'

 'Birthday suit'

The dual applicators that are included are actually really good quality, I will admit I was quite surprised when I used them as most applicators your get with eye palettes are not the best, your own brushes tend to be much better, but these pick the colours up well, they are good soft brushes on each side and easy to hold too. 

The sets also come with their own little get the look guide to help you with applying the shadows if you need that little bit of help :) always nice to get a little bit of advice.

Both of these palettes are £7.99 each from boots. Grab one now ....

Hope you enjoyed reading today's post, let me know what you think to these palettes..

Talk soon

Byeeeeee x

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