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Hi Guys, so today's post is an interesting one. I am doing a blog collaboration with Mia Martinez, my post is on my top 5 beauty essentials for Autumn as you can tell by the title of this post, and Mia's is on her top 5 home ware/clothing essentials for the Autumn, I will leave the link to her blog for you guy's to check out, we have been talking to each other the past couple of weeks about doing a blog post together, and we decided that writing a Autumn related post would be great for November. I think this is the first for both of us so hopefully you enjoy both of them. Don't forget to comment on both post's to let us know your thoughts!!!

So with us in the Autumn season now, which is my favourite and probably most peoples too, I love experimenting with different make up and skincare products, I have managed to narrow my collection down to just 5 of them that are my go to for Autumn this year.

 First we have my soap & glory ARCHERY brow tint & precision shaping pencil, I love this product so much as I have tried so many different brow products this one is on the top of my list, and I love having dark brows for the Autumn. This product is just so simple and easy to use, it has a fine felt tip on one end and a crayon/pencil on the other end. The felt tip is for filling in the brow and the crayon/pencil is for shaping them. I love the fact that you can build up with this product so you can either go for light brows or if you want to darken them up and go for more of a hd look, you can. I will also carry this around in my handbag so if I feel like I need to add a little more I can as I don't need to carry a brush as well. You can pick this up from Boots for just £10.00 -

Next up I have my NYC individual Eye Palette in Midtown Mauve, I've not had this for long but I use it nearly everyday especially if I am at work as its a nice warm colour for the Autumn as it isn't too dark but its still noticeable that I'm wearing a colour. This product ticks all the boxes for me as it includes a primer, 4 shades and a highlighter. The primer and highlighter are a cream base and the shades are a matte base. This creates a lovely warm wine tone to my eyelids which lasts most of the day and looks great with a berry lip colour. A great shade to wear for during the day and the evening and it is easy to build up if you want it darker and to stand out more. I purchased this from Superdrug at the time but you can pick these up from eBay for £2.95 each (What a bargain!) -

So everybody loves a good blush and bronze in the Autumn to give your cheeks a nice colour during the day. I have found myself reaching for this make up product every single day and that's no lie. As you all probably know from seeing my videos etc I love the brand collection. Ive been using their gorgeous glow blush block, and I am so happy with it. I hate that feeling of looking in the mirror and either looking or feeling pale even if I have put blusher or a bronze on, but when i use this block I really notice that it stands out well and its very pigmented. You don't need to put much on your brush for it to show up. It is a shimmered block with warm bronze and pink shades to it, great if you want to look nice and bronzed through Autumn when the weather is wet and windy and no sunshine is about to give you that colour to your skin. You can pick this up from Boots for £4.19 -

Finally my last make up product for Autumn is a must have, I love a warm berry toned lipstick to wear on my days off when I am out and about in the day or for going out in the evening. What girl doesn't! I Purchased this lipstick quite a while a go now and I love it so much i was actually wearing this in my most recent video. This is from Avon and it is one of the ultra colour indulgence lipsticks in the shade 'Purple Hyacinth' these lipsticks are so moisturising and last quite a long time, the only bit of advice I would give is to use a lip liner with these colours so that they don't smudge to much. This colour is perfect to wear with shadows I have written about, you can check this shade and others at Avon online for £8.00 -

Last of all for today's post is a skincare product which is a must have all year round for me, but I am also using more of it throughout the Autumn/Winter seasons. I've been using Body shop's hemp hand protector cream recently. I am probably not the only person to struggle with dry skin on my hands during these season so every girl needs a hand cream in their handbag. I find myself needing creams that keep my hands super soft and this cream does the job for me well, this has community fair trade hemp seed oil in which is super hydrating so if you struggle with dry skin like me, go and pick this is up as its just fantastic and a must have as we go into winter. I have the 30ml size tube which you can pick up for £5.00 -

So that is my top 5 Beauty essentials for Autumn, hope you enjoyed it but its time to head over to Mia's blog to read about her Top 5 homeware/clothing essentials for Autumn too, here is the link: And if you want to see more we both have youtube channels too. :) 

Talk soon

Byyyyeee x


  1. I used to love that eyeshadow quad. The shades were great and I loved the fact that it included a primer and highlighter, not many drugstore palettes do that.

  2. I am completely with you on Brow Archery, I love it! X


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