Sunday, 30 August 2015

Hi guy's so today's post is on my favourite Barry m nail polishes for the summer. 

So I've loved Barry m polishes for years now and every time I saw an advert in magazines or on telly, I would find myself straight in superdrug or boots purchasing any new ones, I just couldn't help myself it was like I had to have every single colour. :) 

So anyway I have had these colours for a few months but after buying them I hadn't used them that much, but with some of the nice weather we have had in Britain (well the small ammount of sunshine we have had) I decided to give them a try and show them off. I bought 3 from each range Barry m have. I have 3 of the gelly hi-shine and 3 of the silk polishes. 

The hi-shine polishes are great, definitely a cheaper way of achieving the gel appearance on your nails, they apply well, the only thing I would advise its to do a thin coat first as it does start to dry quickly and go slightly tacky straight away, so just wait until that first coat is dry and then go over with another and you'll see the fab look you get from these polishes, they also offer a wide range of colours too. 

So from the gelly hi-shine I have:

Colour - key lime

Colour - guava 

Colour - lychee 

Next up are the silk polishes from the Barry m range. These are just beautiful, I love these so much. The colours are great but they apply really well onto my nails, I only ever coat twice with these as the coverage is brilliant, and once they dry they strangely do have that silk shimmery appearance. They dry super fast too, so no need to sit there for ages blowing your nails. It is pretty much instant. :) 

The colours I have in this range are: 

Colour - meadow

Colour - blossom

Colour - truffle 

All these polishes come in bottle sizes of 10ml and are available at boots & superdrug. Prices are £3.99. Check out their own website too.


If you haven't already tried these polishes, go give them a try. :) 

Thanks for reading, talk soon.

Byeeeee x


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