Monday, 3 August 2015

Hi guy's 
So today's post is about some cheaper eye shadow's I thought I would try. I saw these shadows through eBay a few weeks ago, and I will be honest with you I didn't think they would be the best make up products out there however I wanted to give them a try, but I thought wrong. They are much better than what I expected šŸ‘šŸ»

So I bought 2 different palletes, one with pastel colours in and the other with darker sultry colours in. These both include 6 different shades which I think are fab!! The pallete with the pastel colours in are more playful, for either a day out or a night out! And the darker pallete  is ideal for a smokey eye look for a night out. Like I said before I picked these up off eBay for £2.99 so a bit of a bargain! (I'm sure you all love a bargain too). The link is below if you like the look of them, and you can purchase these in different shades too! 

So you can see by looking at the shades they are quite pigmented! šŸ˜€ 

I have done swatches in the shadows below so you can see how they show up on my skin.


Sultry shadow pallete 

So I think you can tell the the shades apart, starting from the darkest shade black, to the lightest shade cream. So far I have tried the 3 lightest shades on my eyes and they did last for roughly 8 hours and that was while I was at work, I did use a eye lid primer too so I would re commend using that too, I just use avons basic eye primer. You can also build a very dark smokey eye look with these colours too! 

Pastel shadow palette 

Just wow! For a cheaper product there are some bright colours in this one. I found this pallete to be quite shimmery, so definitely good for a night out! Out of these shades I have used the 2 pink colours and the bronze/cream colour. And again these too lasted a whole day and if you build it up a little bit you will get a amazing look. All the colours will blend easily with a good eyeshadow brush, for these I use my Eco tools brushes, which I picked up from boots quite a while ago, but any brush will do :). 

So cheaper products are not always that bad, I'm not saying that's the case for everything out there, but these were a good purchase for me :) would definitely recommend people give these a try, I will be trying some other shades too. Let me know if you've ever tried these and what you thought! I would definitely recommend :) 

Hope you enjoyed this one! 

Talk soon byeeeeeee x


  1. I would try them if I wore makeup. Unfortunately I look like a clown every time I put on makeup myself. *sigh* I just do not have the touch when it come to makeup. However, I might buy theses for my sisters and friends who know how to work with makeup as presents.You said it cost 2.99 that's good, However, what I want to know is how much was the shipping cost?

    1. Hiya ....the shipping cost was free for me in the uk :) I love them!!
      Thanks for the comment!


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