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Hi guys, so another post for you
About time to, it's been a little while hasn't it? 

Now I'm not normally one for reading books at all! But just recently I've been draw to a few, one of them was a Christmas present from last year which I think it is quite reverent to me, and the others I bought myself.

 So my Mary berry recipe book was bought as a Christmas present, but I do love cooking and baking so I just love this book. I have quite a few different recipe books but this one is great, firstly I love Mary berry. I am glued to the great British bake off at the moment too, I've watched the last 2 series and the celebrity ones too and I just love seeing what Mary and Paul are going to get people to bake. 💜 it!
Mary's book has a lot of different recipes in it from salads, fish dishes, meat dishes to breads and cakes and puddings. As well as the recipes she's put guidance and tips of cooking all sorts of different vegtables in there too, which I find so helpful for my partner and I, before I got this book I used to constantly call my dad for help on timings of cooking veg and which ways were better to cook certain veg as my dad used to be a chef. (Always great when you have that help) I don't think he appreciated me calling him most nights though! Anyway (sidetracked) Mary has put 2 pages in her book telling you different ways of cooking veg, how to prep and timings. So helpful...

 So I will admit I haven't used many recipes from this book yet, I've kind of used it to help me with how to cook things and to give me ideas. However saying that there are a few cakes I'm looking forward to making so il let you guys know how that goes! 

 So next up I bought myself 'Being Binky my life in made in Chelsea' I absolutely love this programme, it's just one of those shows I cannot get bored of, no matter how bonkers it becomes! I bought binky's book a week after she launched it. A) because I was going on my hols and B) I was just interested in how she had coped with different parts of the show, and her life.

 I have said before in my get to know me video that books don't really interest me as I struggle to get into them and keep reading, however I managed to keep reading this book, I became glued to it and read it quite quickly, she goes into talking about her past life with family and friends and then tips on different situations she has been in which may be reverent to yourself at times. 

 A really great read if your just a nosey person like me, and enjoy reading from someone who is honest about themselves. :) 

 Ok, next up is not really reading material, it's more of a hints/tips and idea book!! (Nail designs)

 So if you haven't already gathered by my Instagram posts and Twitter posts I love painting nails. This has been a hobbie of mine for a while now. I started doing nails from when I was back in college and found a real interest for it, so over some time I bought my own products and tools so that I could paint, create gel and acrylic nails too. It's taken some time for me to get to the stage of 'they look good' but I've got there by trailing through YouTube for tutorials and purchasing books to give me ideas, and this is one of them. I love this little book as it's easy to carry around when I'm doing friends and family's nails but just has tons of great ideas in there to.

 They range from simple designs to intricate ones.

 Lots of hints and tips to help you get the best results you can. I actually did my own nails just the other night and used a similar deisgn from here, check it out 👇🏼 

 And finally my last purchased book is the 'Love Tanya'. I'm still finishing this at the moment but I just had to include this in my book post as it's just fab. Tanya has included so much content in this book with varied parts to it.

 I'm over halfway through now, but it starts off telling you about her childhood and growing up, how she became involved in beauty! Tanya also offers so many hints and tips on beauty, skincare. Also including  her favourites and many more discussions.

 She has also included pages where you can keep small logs of your favourite things in life, and what your own beauty and skin routine consists of :). I don't want to spoil this one for you if you haven't already read it, but it's full of so many different things to read!! Love it!! I'm just getting to the best bit too.... Recipes and detox drinks :) 

 I could literally go on and on about this book, but I won't. So well done Tanya Burr. 
If you haven't already got this book then go and buy it!! 

What are you waiting for...... Go on..... Buy it!!!!!! 

 So guys that is another post on my recent book choices for you, let me know what you thought and if you have any of these, I would love to chat about them!!

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 Catch up soon guys

Byeeeeee x

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