Friday, 10 July 2015

Hey Guys, I've been looking forward to writing this blog before the products even launched.
 As you can see by the title I've been using some of Zoella's old and new beauty products. (I decided to write a review on the old and new together). After following Zoe for a long time on youtube and then see her release a second beauty range, I thought "Right now is the time to try them" so that is what I've done.
So I bought 2 products from last years range, and 2 products from this years launch and bought these on Monday 6th July, her launch date and tried them straight away. 


So as you can see i bought the soak opera bath soak and shower cream, and the fizz bar from last years range, and then from this years range i bought the foam sweet foam cleansing shower gel, and the scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub. 

The packaging of all these products are really eye-catching and really draw you in, (well they did with me anyway). They appear to be great quality just by the way they look, I think the design has been well thought out! (great job Zoe).

So the first night of trying these, i used the soak opera bath soak, to create some bubbles in my bath, which i have to say i only used a small amount and i got quite a lot of bubbles from it, and the smell (OMG) - its gorgeous, its a very girly scent, I would say quite floral if that makes sense. Its hard to describe a smell when your writing about it, but I'm trying lol. It leave yours skin feeling really smooth, and I just felt very pampered after using it. 
I also put in a couple of square from the fizz bar into my bath as well, I love a smelly bath with lots of product's, I would normally put a lush bath bomb in, as i looovvvee putting products that fizz away and give colour and smell. (ahhh so relaxing don't you think?) Anyway so I broke a couple of squares off the fizz bar and added them to my bath. The fizz bar is great quality too, its a really thick bar so plenty of product, and this is designed to give bubbles into your bath along with a great fragrance too. I love lots of bubbles in my bath, so adding both of the bath soak and the fizz bar worked really together as they made lots of big bubbles and a amazing girly sweet smell. For the rest of the night my bathroom smelt lovely, a very refreshing smell.

So the next night i had a shower and tried the other 2 products, these were foam sweet foam cleansing shower gel, and the scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub. So with both of theses both products it says the best way to use them is to apply to damp skin, so all i did with these was quickly hopped under shower, and then moved to the other end so i wasn't right under the water i then applied to smoothing scrub to my skin and rubbed it all in, i also used a exfoliating mit with it, i used this more so around my elbows and knees, ankles and heels of my feet. Once i scrubbed it all in, i hopped back under the shower and washed it all off. This scrub isn't a harsh scrub either as a lot of scrubs out there are, but as soon as you take some out in your hands it's super soft so it doesn't leave your skin red roar when your exfoliating. The smell of the scrub is lovely, Its from Zoe's tutti frutti range so as you can imagine its very fruity fragrance, I could sit and smelly it all day. :). After I had used the scrub and washed it all off, I finished off by using the cleansing shower gel, the best way to use this is when your skin is damp so that it really lathers up, and this is when it's at it's best. :) It leaves your skin super smooth, and smells like you've been laying in a bed of fruit and flowers. Zoe has done really well with the products I have tried, I find when your buying bath products you want to smell great after you've used them and feel like you've been pampered, and with these products i feel they tick all of those products :)

I'm looking forward to buying the last few I haven't tried, especially the candy cream body lotion as this will follow on from using the body scrub and the cleansing shower gel. :) 

So my favourite product so far is.....
The scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub.
Because every body scrub i have tried and own its quite harsh and I've never like the feel of it in my hands let alone rubbing it onto my skin. But Zoe's scrub is just super soft, so easy to rub in and my skin just feels great when i washed it off. (Top marks from me)

What's your favourite? 
What are you looking forward to trying?

I bought these beauty products from my local superdrug, I will leave the link below for you guys to have a look at her range if you haven't already seen it. 

Thanks for reading guys, feel free to leave comments let me know what you think!

Byeeeeee x


  1. I got some products from her first collection. They didn`t blow me away, but they looked really pretty. I`ll definitely check her latest products, the scrub sounds amazing. Really great review btw!


    1. The scrub is 100% my favourite out of her range. Thank you for your comment! :)


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