Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hi Guys, time for another new post. (yay) So today I am going to share with you my 3 favourite mascara's I am loving at the moment. 
So let's get started.....

The first mascara I am going to talk about is my No7 Lovely Lashes. This is the one in the purple tube, now this doesn't give you a full volume look if that is what you are you looking for. (sorry guys)
This is more of a natural lash mascara designed to leave your lashes with a beautiful soft glossy finish. I picked this up about 6 months ago, and I love this when I am going for a soft natural make up day, more so for when I am at work. It isn't to heavy, it is nice and light and applies really well, and i must admit, it really does leave your lashes feeling soft, not sure about the glossy part but definitely soft, and looks very natural. The wand for this mascara is a soft bristle brush and it is not to thick either, which is great for me. I find that if the brushes are too big or thick, I end up poking myself in the eye and then end up with mascara everywhere. (And i mean everywhere, I look like a panda when this happens lol). At the time I picked this up from Boots in meadow-hall shopping centre (Sheffield) on a shopping trip, and it was £12.95, but i believe it is now in the sale at just £10.00.

So next up is a mascara I have already left a review on as i was so pleased with it, and because I enjoyed using it, I am including it in my favourite! So it is the younique 3d moodstruck fiber lash mascara, in the first picture it is the 2 black tubes, if you haven't already read my post on this mascara, or heard of this product before the reason there are 2 tubes for this is because you use a transplanting gel, and then the fiber's. It can take a bit of time if your in a rush so that's the only down side to the product because you have to use both tubes it just takes a little longer, but if your not bothered about that, then give it a whirl!
If you check out my previous post on this mascara you can read more about how to apply and results on this. But I use this mascara if I want fuller, darker and more dramatic look, so like a night out. The presentation when you receive this products is awesome, they come in their own little box and a leaflet with a guide to applying to. I have had this a couple of months but I didn't actually purchase this off the younique website at the time as I didn't want to pay the price it was because i wasn't sure about it, but after using it i wouldn't grumble at the price at all. I actually purchase off ebay, I think i payed roughly £12.00. The product has recently been enhanced and designed slightly different but the link is below. 

And finally my last favourite is the Benefit roller lash mascara. This is a new and recent purchase for me, I would say I have had it a couple of weeks. OMG I love it. It is perfect for me. From the packaging to using the actual product it is awesome!! I am sure so many of you have seen and read about it, as I sure have. I've seen a lot of youtube video's with people raving about this product, and I understand why. No need for eyelash curlers when using this mascara the design of the wand means it does it for you! (how cool) The wand hooks your lashes while you apply the product, it gives great length and volume to my lashes, and lasts well during the day! I tend to use this mascara if I am on a day off and going out somewhere. I love using it! I purchased this mascara from the benefit counter at house of Fraser in Milton Keynes (Another shopping trip) the cost of this mascara is £19.50. Again the link is below.

I have also done a video on my youtube channel for you guys to check out my results from applying each mascara, be sure to check that out :)

(P.S - sorry about the video quality at the moment)

Let me know what you think? And if you used any of them what you thought too?

Thanks for reading guys :)

Byeeeeeee x


  1. Great review! I love Benefit and their mascaras! :) Looking forward to reading more from you!


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