Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hey guys...

So today I'm going to show you my fave go to make up products for my daily make up routine, and they are NYX products. :) 
Some of these are new in my routine, but some i had been using a while. 

First off is the NYX studio photogenic primer base, this is a high definition primer that is water based and very lightweight, it's also very easy to apply, I put a little bit on the back of my hand and use the tips of my fingers to apply, when it comes out of the tube it has a blue tinge to it, but once applied and rubbed in, its not visible at all. I find this 100% true to its word as my make up lasts all day when I'm at work and on days out. Definitely a must have for me :)

Next up is my NYX photogenic concealer, again this is also high definition product. I previously wore collection 2000's long lasting concealer, and to me these are both on par with each other. The consistency is great its not too thick and is easy to apply with its small wand applicator. It blends into my skin really well, hiding any blemishes and also highlights under my eyes really well.

Most of the time i would use a foundation product after the primer and concealer stage, but as this is about my NYX products I'm not going to include that, but also for my daily make up routine for work i don't wear that much foundation.
So I'm gonna go straight in with a new powder I've been trying, and I must admit I am really enjoying using it. It's called NYX mineral matte finishing powder. 'SET IT & DON'T FRET IT'. This is in the shade light/medium. This is so unbelievably light, to the point you cant even tell it is on. You only need a little bit on your brush and a gentle dust will just set any foundation in place, or a great blend with concealer. Because you don't need to use that much, this is bound to last a very long time. I LOVE IT!

Next up is my new NYX studio photogenic grinding blush. This is in the colour 05 - American Girl. This is a grinding blush, the blush sits in the bottom of the dish and then you twist the upper part of the dish and it grinds the blusher and brings it to the top, and then all you do is pop your brush in and apply. I love the design and the way this blush works, the only thing i would change is maybe try a darker colour next time. Although this colour is fab, i thinks it's just a little too light for me, however like the finishing powder you don't need to put much on your brush for it to show on your skin. :)

This next product is awesome, I love it so much!! Its my NYX eyebrow push-up bra - lift and draw pencil. I was unsure if I should have purchased this as I'm not a fan of using pencils!, I get very lazy when they reach their blunt stage and you have to sharpen them. I don't know why, i just don't like doing it. (Maybe because they are thin at the end it takes a little while). But when i saw this I thought id give it a try. Obviously I haven't reached the stage of having to sharpen it yet. (when I do it shouldn't take to long, as there are its thicker). The actual product I love, the pencil isn't to dark so its great for a day when I don't want to accentuate my brows to much. Then you have the highlighter which is brilliant for applying just under the arch of my brows, and it really does highlight them. All I do with highlighter is pencil it under and then blend in with a small flat concealer brush. 

Last 2 items ( I promise). I recently purchased a NYX eye-shadow palette. Shades dusk till dawn. This comes with 10 different colours included. The reason I love this palette so much is down to the colours, they are not bright, they are ideal to wear in the day and in the night. You can get the smokey eye affect from these shades, and the gold shades too. Would definitely recommend if you want to keep to the subtle shades, the texture of these are great to, very easy to blend.

Finally my last make-up product's are my NYX chunky dunk hydrating lippie pens. These are amazing. I am not just saying this, I am being completely honest. I love the colours, the texture, the packaging of them. They come in a set of 4, and they are twisty pens so no need to sharpen them :) They are just like a lip balm but they certainly show their colours, if you put on a couple of coats they appear just like a good lipstick.

So here you are guy's, my fav NYX make-up products. I am always trying out new products, but these are my favourites so far. I hope you've all enjoyed this post and it's given you some inspiration to try some new products. 

Thanks for reading :)
Byeeeee x


  1. I've tried a few NYX products and have loved them so far! I'm getting ready to shop for a few more and this will definitely help me out!

    1. They are great. Worth giving a go :) thanks for your comment :)

  2. I need to try this brand, so many people rave about it. The only problem is that I don`t like buying makeup online, so do you know what UK stores sale NYX products?

  3. Hi georgiana, thanks for the comment. Unfortuantly i dont know of/cant find anywhere that sells them in store in the uk. However i can fully recomend Very (online) for these products, there are some great reviews to help you choose. But if theres one tip i could give you. Dont buy darker shades buy a lighter one. And if its too light you can mix with other products you have ;) i havnt really had any problems with colourings and shades. Too add onto this as you have comented. Ive just got back from rome and its been super hot and the mineral finishing powder is amazing. I didnt have a shiny face all day and it felt so light to wear on a hot day!
    Hope this helped a little :) x


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