Friday, 22 May 2015

So guys i finally went and purchased the younique moodstuck 3d fiber lash mascara. About time to, its an amazing beauty product. For a long time now i have been trying to find a mascara that gives me full and long lashes. I always wondered how most of my friends got that full effect, and i had tried so many different mascaras to get it, and nothing worked for me as well as the 3d fiber lash has. It just gives you that false eyelash look without having to apply them, as I've never been able to apply them, this mascara is just perfect for me :) 

So it comes in a fab looking presentation box, inside are two black tubes 1st is the transplanting gel (black). And the 2nd is the fibers (also black)

So this is a 2 step product, but they do recommend that you use your regular mascara first and apply a thin coat. Ive tried with and without and get a similar result so i guess its up to you which way you prefer. 
So i started off by using a eyelash curler first as i love to have curly lashes gives a nice finish too, and for this application i did use my own mascara (no7 lovely lashes).

So to show the difference i applied my regular mascara to my right eye and the left eye i did with both the regular and 3d fiber lash mascara so you can see the difference, and then i finished off with getting the fiber lash effect on the right eye too.
... so first off i curled my lashes on each side for about 10 secs each, i then applied a thin coat of my regular mascara to my right eye first, i coated the top and bottom lash.
Next i did the same to my left eye, after this had dried i applied a coat of the transplanting gel to the top lashes first, you do have to be quick when applying the fibers so that the gel does not dry up as you want the fibers to stick to the gel. Once i applied the fibers and got a even length i then put another coat of the transplanting gel over to seal them on, and then repeated this process for the bottom lashes. and that is it.

Results right eye with regular mascara, left eye with 3d fiber lash mascara.

Below pics are both eyes with the fantastic 3d fiber lash mascara.

Top tip: one some occasions of applying, it can become a little clumpy so after you put in on, use a eyelash comb through the lashes to remove any clumps.:)
You can put on as many coats as you like too, so if your going on a night out, put a couple of coats on with some smoky eyes and your sure to stand out.

Ive seen a few people say is it easy to remove, i think that depends on what your using to take it off, but i have no troubles removing it at all, all i use is a couple of cotton pads and my garnier micellar cleansing water which removes all make up (face, eyes and lips). Its not perfumed so does not sting the eyes, and it leaves my eyes and face nice a fresh and free from that oily feel you can get from some removers. :) 

So overall i love the new younique 3d fiber lash mascara, it works wonders for my lashes and i love the finish, and knowing that if I'm going out later in the day i can top it up whenever i want. :) its easy to apply and easy to remove too. I will definitely be purchasing more when i run out. 

Thanks for reading byeeeee x

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