Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hi everyone... been a little while since i posted something. Its just a quick catch up since being on the 5 day detox.
So after i did the detox i noticed quite a change. The first big change i noticed was that i lost 8lb in weight and noticed it on my stomach, i wasnt as bloated either which was great. There was also a change in my skin. Its been much more hydrated and dosnt feel as dry around my cheeks. Ive also found that my make up sits a lot better during the day it seems to stay better, rather than shine away during the day! Not sure why but somethings changed.
Ive also had much more energy throughout the day and had been sleeping much better. Which was what i was struggling with the most.
I will deffintly be doing a detox once a month and trying to keep a well balanced diet. As hard as it is, its well worth it 
catch up soon!
Byeeeeee x

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