Sunday, 19 April 2015

So guys ....

This is my first post (I apologise if it's not all that yet) I'm imaging it to sound so much better than what it may read! lol ;) 

I was trying to think what my first post would be and i was thinking, and thinking and because there are a few things i wanted to share with you i thought id give you a small introduction as to what the following post may be about.

So I've recently bought a new beauty product which has been raved about so much over the web and I've wanted to try it for a long time but just hadn't got to the point of purchasing but now i have, I'm waiting for that to arrive so i may to do a review on that. (post some pics too)  

what could it be??


I've also started getting really passionate about juicing and making smoothies so I've been trailing pinterest for great recipes and trying different homemade ones too. ( so far so good) but would love to show you snaps of my homemade ones, after purchasing a new blender and a juicer il have so much to show you :) :)

There is so many other things I'm interested in....


These would all be part of my future posts!! 

So i guess il see you soon for my next post whichever it might be!! 

Byeeeee x

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