Monday, 27 April 2015

Hey guys.....

sorry i haven't posted in the last couple of days, had busy days at work and catching up with stuff, but i still carried on with my juices. Well done me :) 

These were day 4's juices....

So for the morning i had a large glass of my cranberry & raspberry juice which was really nice to have in the morning. Had a sharp zing to it which woke me up well in the morning. I then had my green juice a bit later in the morning which was full of flavor....
* Apples
* Spinach Leaves
* Courgette
* Lime
* Carrots
* Cucumber
* Broccoli Stem
* Celery
* Green Bell Pepper
* Avocado

I could taste the pepper more so than the other ingredients, i suppose because is unusual to put a vegetable like this in a drink but the good thing about this juice is because it had so many nutritious fruit and veg in it, i found i was full all morning. :)

The next 2 juices (orange ones) i had over the afternoon, these 2 were exactly the same and i found much harder to drink, probably the hardest of the week. 

*  Oranges
* Carrots
* Raw Ginger
* Fresh Mint

These juices look fantastic and they do taste it, but the reason i found them harder to drink was down to the carrot in them. I felt the texture was quite grainy and bitty so i felt like it was never ending, because it took me ageeessss to drink them.

I decided to change my plan on day 5. I know i should of stuck to the plan but because it was my 1st time doing it i felt id done really well so i made smoothies for day 5. (plus it was a Saturday, Saturdays are treat days) ;)

For my final day i had 2 large smoothies, these were homemade so i didn't follow any recipe for these. Just made them up. One was all fruit, the 2nd one was a mix of fruit and veg. I also included those yummy chia seeds again. 

So the brighter smoothie is all fruit, full of mixed berries, banana, mango, pineapple, grapes, natural yogurt, chia seeds and ice to keep it nice and cool. Lovely and sweet to start the day off.

And the second smoothie (half and half) also has mixed berries, banana, grapes, natural yogurt, spinach leaves, carrot, cucumber, mango, kale, pineapple,broccoli stem, chia seeds and some ice.

Both of these smoothies were great, i loved them and I'm thinking of still including one of these once a day so I'm still getting all the fruit and veg in a day.

So in a couple of days I'm going to put a small post up of how things have changed since completing the detox, i.e (skin, weight, moods, energy etc) like i said I'm going to still have 1 smoothie a day and include a juice a couple of times a week, so I'm still taking in all nutrients i need and still maintain a well balanced diet.

So give me a few days and i'l be back with you soon to update you! 

Byeeeeee x

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